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Graceful mama, you are loved. And knowing that reality that can change everything.

No matter what you do, or where you go, there is a God who loves you. And He is as close as your very breath. As close as your deepest thoughts.

When you are feeling afraid, He is there, and you are loved.  Call out to Him. He will always answer.

When you are feeling angry, He is there, and you are loved. He is extending His heart to you even in your imperfection.

When you don’t know how your situation is ever going to change for the better, He is there, and you are loved.  He gives hope to the hopeless. Nothing is impossible with Him.Questions

Rest in His love today. Because with that love that you receive from Him comes the ability to trust again. You can trust Him! He loves you, and He will never leave your side. He will not leave you stranded. He really does have the solution for whatever you’re facing that seems impossible!

He has good plans for you, mama! And guess what, He will carry out His good plan even in your imperfection. God knows we will make mistakes. We will mess up sometimes, and that’s okay.

Even on the days that you feel like you’re failing at this gigantic task of raising a child (or children), God is there, and you are loved.  And that love will make sure that you’re taken care of.

Jesus came with all His perfection and gave everything that He is for you and me. He gave it all, and He gave it perfectly. He loved with everything inside of Him, and that perfect sacrifice was enough.  That my friend, is grace.

Even when you are not enough, He is enough, and you are loved.You Are Loved square quote

He loves you inside and out. He knows you better than anyone else! He sees your dreams, and He sees your secret longings. He longs to spend time with You, and He is always available.

Even when you are surrounded by the heaps of laundry, the piles of dishes, and there is not enough of you to go around, He is there–loving you.

Yes, graceful mama. You are loved.

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Tasha Medellin is a head-over-heels-in-love wife and not-so-perfect mother of three who loves spending time outdoors, curling up with a good book, and simply basking in the riches of God's glorious grace.

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