When You Feel Overwhelmed, Go Small (Stop for the One)

When You Feel Overwhelmed, Go Small (Stop for the One)featured


Sometimes motherhood can be so overwhelming. The number of tasks we have to accomplish in any given day can seem insurmountable at times.

When the pressure of accomplishment comes pressing in on me, and then I think about the precious ones I’m doing all these things for, I’m reminded of what Heidi Baker says: Stop for the one. Basically her whole life’s mission and ministry goal is to love the one in front of her, whomever that may be, even if it makes her late or messes up the plan. As a missionary on the front lines in Mozambique, there’s no telling how many lives have been forever changed by her willingness to do just that. To never be too busy to just stop and be Jesus to the hurting ones, the little ones, the abandoned and unloved ones.

Stop for the one

I was thinking about this the other day as I cuddled Isaac in my arms in the middle of the night. As mothers, isn’t that our life’s mission as well?

I never want to be too busy to stop what I’m doing and love on the ONE who needs me at that moment. Sure, what I’m doing may seem oh-so-important to me. But the little people around me are more so.

By God’s grace, no matter what I’m doing I will stop for my child who needs me. I will stop and offer a smile. I will lend a hand with cheerfulness. I will give hugs, kisses, cuddles, and bandaids. I am the first representation of Jesus to my precious babies, and I can show His love to them!

As I offer my hands, feet, and heart willingly to let Him love my children through me, their lives will be forever changed. They will be comforted. They will feel His love through my willingness to stop—breathe—and turn towards them with a smile.

When you feel overwhelmed, it can be so easy to just keep on plowing forward to accomplish just one more task that needs to be done— plowing right over your children in the process. If your task is accomplished, but you sacrificed a moment you could have shown love to your child, was is really worth it? I say no.

I’m here in this learning process even now, reminding myself when I fall short that I don’t want to be like that.  I’m reminding myself that by the help of Holy Spirit I can be in a place of rest even when I am working on accomplishing a task.  I am reminding myself that love is the most important thing. 

Even while I have been downstairs writing this post, I have been given the opportunity to put into practice what I’m learning! Lily came in needing wanting my help with a bracelet she was making. I really thought she could do it by herself, so I tried to talk my way out of it and send them back upstairs so I could finish what I was doing. I wasn’t very nice or patient about it either. But then, before the conversation was even over, I remembered what I was writing about!  I paused and thought, Okay, let’s stop and offer kind words and a smile. I smiled, offered my affection to my daughter, and walked upstairs to help her find the letters for her bracelet. (I am learning!)

It’s not that you always have to say “yes.” There will be times you have to say no. There will be plenty of times you have to correct them, too.

Here’s the thing: I want them to know that they are more important to me than whatever I’m doing. I don’t want them to remember Mommy as being “too busy” to make time for them. They need to know how important and loved they truly are! So even if I’m working on something, my goal is to be kind, patient, and loving when they approach me. To turn my attention toward the one who needs me and offer the most important thing I can give them—my love.

So day by day, moment by moment…

  • I will allow Holy Spirit to cultivate in me the fruit of patience.
  • I will rest in grace, knowing that I cannot become the mom I want to be through my own strength.
  • When I mess up, I will not beat myself up about it. I will remember Who I belong to, lean into His love, and let it pour out of me to my children in that moment.

When you feel overwhelmed by all you have to accomplish, I challenge you to go small.  Take your eyes off of the enormity of the task at hand and just stop for the one.  Each day, each moment, may we as graceful mamas rest in Him and watch Him work His wonders in our children.

Yes, God. I will stop for the one, and with patience and love I will give myself once again. Because you loved me first, I can love my children fully without holding anything back. May Your perfect love do its perfect work in my heart and bring Your life to my family.

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