What Our Flexible Daily Routine (and Homeschool) Looks Like Right Now

What Our Flexible Daily Routine (and Homeschool) Looks Like Right Nowfeatured


Things are always changing ’round here. The needs of the children change constantly as they grow, and our daily routine changes to keep up!

As traditional schools are winding down for the summer, we are shifting gears a bit, but not throwing in the towel all together (unless you mean the beach towels we’ll be using at the river all summer). We plan to school at least 2-3 days a week when we’re home, with the other days open for what surprises summer might hold.

My just-now-turned-seven-year-old daughter is going to camp in a couple of weeks, and she’s going to be there for four days! What is a mom to do?!?  Well, I know that part of my responsibility as a mom is to teach my children practical life skills as well as academic ones. So for the next two weeks we will be focusing on some skills that Lily needs for camp as well as some of our normal subjects.

When Lily wakes up (or sometime during the morning), Lily will complete her Morning Routine with as little help as possible from me. She will

  1. Make her bed.
  2. Straighten her room.
  3. Get dressed (and get her socks/shoes out).
  4. Brush and fix her hair.
  5. Brush her teeth.

Hopefully, practicing doing these things in the same order each day until she goes will make it easier for her to do them at camp.

Right after breakfast we will complete a few academic (and practical) tasks.

  1. Complete a math worksheet.
  2. Write her spelling words.
  3. Practice writing her full name and address. (This will take the place of handwriting and copywork for now.)

I want her to be able to give her address to some of her new friends and hopefully find some pen pals. Practicing writing her address each day will help her to be confident she can do it correctly.

I love homeschooling. I really do. But sometimes, it's no so glorious. :) #homeschoollife #homeschool #motherhood "This is soooooo boring." says #Lily.

Lily is glad she doesn’t have to do a handwriting worksheet for the next two weeks.  Here she is last week doing her handwriting. “This is so boring,” she says. 🙂

Next we will go outside, around 9 o’clock.  This is still early enough that it won’t be sweltering hot.  In the Alabama heat, you’ve got to get out there early or just stay in the water.  We will do our nature studies during this time, but mostly we will just play.

We usually have a snack around 10:30.  I will read aloud during our snack time and possibly continue after.  Lily will practice her reading and phonics around 2:00. (We won’t do grammar for now, but we will start back after camp.)

A little #creative lunchtime fun. #familylife #kids #funwithfamily

A little creative lunchtime fun.

While we’re at it, here’s a look at what our whole daily routine looks like these days.  After I learned not to schedule the life out of my days and I let go of the routine all together for a while, our days naturally fell into a nice rhythm which I like to think of as the “blocks” of my day.  Most blocks are an hour and a half to two hours long.

Our Daily Routine

This is not SO different from before, except I was trying to use hour long blocks then.  And that just didn’t work for us.  There are too many interruptions and spontaneous outbreaks of fun.  With three children ages 18 months, 4 years, and 7 years, we needed more margin time! Our new routine has the extra margin time we needed, and it is working well for us right now.

What do your days look like now?  Do you prefer flying by the seat of your pants or having a plan?  What works for you and your family? We’d all love to hear about it!

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