Things I Have Learned (Or Re-learned) While On Vacation – Part 2

Things I Have Learned (Or Re-learned) While On Vacation – Part 2featured


Hello, graceful friend! I hope you are having a beautiful day. So far, my day has had it’s share of surprises. My girls both spent the night elsewhere, so I only had one kid for most of today, but it seemed like three! Isaac has been more fussy than usual lately, and today was no exception.

This morning I slept a little later than I had planned, but I still got in a little prayer and Bible reading time (with plenty of coffee of course) before Isaac woke up.  And then it was full steam ahead! We had good moments mixed in with his fussyness of course, like how cute he looked when he did his “show” dance. (Lately, he does a cute little dance when he wants to watch Baby Einstein and says, “doh! doh!”) Sweet moments like when he shared his slobbery chocolate with me after we had our healthy snack. Like when we through the ball in the baby basketball hoop together and clapped.

It helps so much to focus on the good things! Every child goes through challenging times when they don’t seem to be themselves.  As moms, the best thing we can do is focus on the positive and trust God that better days are ahead! The hard times never last forever. They always pass.  With God, we can always trust that the best is yet to come.

He takes every situation we go through and works through it for our good. We are always growing and learning, and when things are tough we learn even more to trust God. He really does have our best interest at heart, and the Holy Spirit is the best teacher!  Like my daughter told me one day, “Mom, you’re in school, too.” He knows what I need to learn, and the whole world is His classroom.


With that idea in mind, here are a couple more things I learned while on vacation. I found that changing up my normal routine taught me a lot! I was reminded of things I had forgotten and learned some things that were new all together. (You can read Part 1 of this post here.)

Things I Have Learned While On Vacation

4) Reading aloud really is a great way to spend quality time with your kids.

With the busyness of traveling and visiting with family and friends, I actually found myself missing my kids!  It’s not that we weren’t together.  We just weren’t getting as much quality time alone together as I’m used to at home.  Days at home are often hectic (I like to call it beautiful chaos), but we have a rhythm of chaotic togetherness that we’re comfortable with.

I bought a few used books at Kid to Kid one day while we were there, and I read them with the girls later that evening.  It was like a breath of fresh air! I enjoyed this snuggle time so much, as well as the experience of diving into new worlds together through reading.  We had not done much reading in the last few weeks, and I didn’t realize how much I missed it.

Note to self: Make time for reading aloud with the kids! Make it a priority. Rearrange the day if you have to in order to fit it in.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate or well-planned out or even for a long time… Just read.

5) Guilt is for the birds.

Okay, so there’s this mom guilt thing. It apparently doesn’t go on vacation just because you do.  In the midst of feeling guilty because my kids were watching too much Netlix or whatever, I decided that as long as I was on vacation, I was not going to allow myself to feel guilty.

We have these expectations for ourselves. We know what we want to do as moms, and so many times we fall short. And then comes the guilt. And many times we give in to the guilt because we agree with what it is saying!

Guilt: You really shouldn’t have let the kids eat so much candy again.

Me: You’re right. I shouldn’t have. Bad mom! {sad/guilty face}

Guilt: Your kids aren’t going to know how to think for themselves. You let them watch too much TV. You should be reading to them or doing crafts.

Me: You’re right!  I really should have planned more activities for today to keep them busy. I’m a bad mom! {sad face}

Okay, so I’m exaggerating a little bit. But you get the picture.

When I got home I realized that saying no to guilt is something I have the privilege of doing every day, not just while I’m on vacation. Because–GRACE! And that, friends, is a whole ‘nother blog post for another day. (Yes, I used the word ‘nother. I’m from Alabama.)

Graceful mama, don’t give in to guilt! You are a good mom. Just like you are. You are enough! God planned to give those precious kids to you because you were the best one for the job. He knew you could handle it. He’s got a special destiny for each one of them, and you are the best one to equip them for what He’s got planned.

Mama, you are enough! And everyday is a new opportunity to embrace His grace, growing into the woman of destiny that He has created you to be.

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