Things I Have Learned (Or Re-learned) While On Vacation – Part 1

Things I Have Learned (Or Re-learned) While On Vacation – Part 1featured


We have really enjoyed visiting family and making new friends over in Houston these past two weeks.  It is quite an experience traveling that far in the car with three small children. Anyone else ever done it? Can I get an amen!? We live in Alabama, and the across-four-states drive to Houston would be about 14 hours if you didn’t have to stop 75 times. However, we can’t drive it straight. We have to stop. Quite often.

On both the trips there and back, we actually drove half-way on day one, stopping for the night in Slidell, Louisiana, and drove the rest of the way the next day. The drive over to Texas was okay, nothing earth-shattering happened, the girls watched a LOT of movies…

But right when we started the drive home, the girls threw up a combined total of four times in about two hours!  Yikes! I’m glad we carry a toddler potty with us on trips (thanks to our lovely friends from Auburn). It really came in handy for all the vomit. Yuck!

After we got over this initial bump in the road, things settled down and besides the stopping every two hours we got home just fine. We are glad to be home!

Changing up the good ol’ routine and getting out of your normal habits is a must every now and then. It can reveal a lot about your character and your quirks (or maybe that is just me!), and it is a good learning experience. Here are a few things I learned (or learned over again) while we were on vacation.Things I Have Learned While On Vacation

1) Communication is key.

Communication is so essential to a healthy, happy marriage. I am so blessed to be married to wonderful guy who loves me and loves the Lord. We have a great marriage! But even in the best marriages, if you don’t talk about your expectations and plans, things can get a little hairy.

A lack of communication caused me a couple of days of anxiety that was completely unnecessary.  (Confession: I have a tendency to have unrealistic expectations of myself. Which is why I LOVE learning about grace.) If I would have just made a point to talk about my plans with my supportive and wonderful husband before getting all worked up, I would have realized I was expecting too much of myself.  Just talk about stuff, Tasha! Enough said.

Are there times when you should communicate with your spouse and you just don’t make time for it? Well, I’ve been there!  Even if communication has been a struggle in the past for you, I know that by God’s grace you can do it.  God wants the best for your marriage. Lean into Him, and let Him lead you.

2) I really do like to “craft.”

For a while, I really thought I didn’t.  I would just say that it wasn’t for me and that I wasn’t really a crafty person.  But while making a few Father’s Day gifts inspired by Pinterest (uninterrupted by little ones because they were taken care of), I realized I was really enjoying myself.  I remembered that I used to enjoy doing stuff like this before I had children.  I thought that part of me had changed, but really it was just hiding! Who knew, right?

I plan to make time for myself to do crafty things every now and then just for fun. I think the reason I had stopped crafting and even declared that I wasn’t a crafter is that it is so overwhelming to me to try to do anything worthwhile like that when the kids are involved. (Confession: I usually avoid doing crafts with my kids! Baah! It overwhelms me.) Another reason I stopped is that there are so many things that have to be done at home, I choose to do the dishes rather than paint a picture. You know the feeling?

What are the things you used to love doing before children? How about making some time for them every once in a while. Not only do you deserve it, it will help fill up your tank so you’ll have even more to pour into your lovely family!

3) Sometimes people have no idea what I’m talking about.

I use phrases like “the kingdom”, “intimate with God”, “releasing truth”, and other such Christianese jargon all the time. I’m so used to talking like that, and sometimes I don’t realize people might not know what I’m talking about. I need a good dose of being around people who don’t speak my version of Christianese!

That being said, I may have done that to you before. Maybe you wanted to ask what in the world I was trying to say. But maybe like a student in a full classroom is hesitant to raise her hand to ask a question, you just didn’t feel comfortable asking a question in the comments section for the world to see. QuestionsSo {yay!} I have added a private message page to my blog, and you can get there by clicking on the icon you see to the left. Go ahead–Click on it! You know you want to.

I’ll be providing that link inside many of my posts, especially the ones that might leave ya wondering. Now you have a place where we can chat about things. Just like we are sitting having a cup of coffee together, we can talk about anything without everyone else having the ability to see it. Won’t that be fun?!

Well graceful friend, I must be off. My little bitty buddy is waking from his nap (yes, I do all this writing when I can!). Can’t wait to share some more things I learned with you tomorrow.

In the meantime, may the GRACE be with you.

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