There Is Always Hope (Five Minute Friday AND the Song of the Week!)

There Is Always Hope (Five Minute Friday AND the Song of the Week!)featured


Hi there! It’s time for Five Minute Friday again (and the song of the week!). Linking up with the other lovely writers at Kate’s place. You can check out other great blogs by clicking on the FMF button.  

I enjoyed getting to chat with some of my online friends last night at the FMF Twitter party, in between getting pictures made with Minions and baby bathtime.

Oh yes.

Oh yeah, baby. Minion madness. #minionmadness #familyfun #momlife #lily #isabella

Oh yeah, baby. Minion madness.

Just a funny note about me: As I was sitting here at Starbucks (well, the Target Starbucks actually) getting ready to type this, I was jamming to my music.  Headphones in of course, for courtesy.  All of a sudden, the lady in front of me started saying something to me. Of course I couldn’t hear her because my headphones were in. So I began to take them out and I realized the headphone cord was not plugged in to the right hole.  Everyone was getting to enjoy my music! (Or not!)  Oh, well. These things happen.

Today’s word prompt is HOPE. And remember, according to the Five Minute Friday rules we write for five minutes flat on the prompt and just see what happens. No major edits allowed.  You never know what might happen!

Here we go. In 3…2…1…



It’s probably one of the most powerful things in the universe. As long as someone has hope, they will live to fight another day.

Ladies, I want to tell you today that there is no situation you could ever face that God does not have hope for.  God has hope for you!  You were not meant to live without hope.

Jesus came and died for us, so that we could be victorious in every situation.  Now that doesn’t mean things will always be easy.  WE will definitely have our share of difficulties in this life.  But through God there is always hope, because nothing is impossible with Him.  Questions

He holds the key that can unlock any door!  He holds hope in His hand, and all you have to do is embrace it.  Are you afraid today?  There is hope for your situation!

Whenever I begin to feel hopeless about a certain situation (and it does happen from time to time), I find it’s helpful to meditate on the truth–what God says about that situation.  This could mean meditating on scriptures (because they are always the truth) about the issue I’m facing.  Or it could mean meditating on specific things I know God has spoken concerning them. **five minutes ended here**

When God’s truth shines into a situation that seems hopeless, His light begins to infuse every dark place with hope.  It’s not over until He says it’s over.  And He’s got victory in store for you.

There Is Always Hope square


It’s time for the song of the week, too! I love this song by Plumb, called Exhale.  I hope you enjoy it! Get lost in His embrace today.

Just let go

Let His love wrap around you and hold you close

Get lost in the surrender

Breathe it in until your heart breaks

And exhale

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