The Love You Have for Me (My new favorite song!)

The Love You Have for Me (My new favorite song!)featured


I couldn’t resist sharing this song with you today! It’s called The Love You Have For Me, and it’s by Sean Feucht (pronounced “Foit”).

I just bought the new Sean Feucht album, Victorious One: Live at Bethel.  It is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a long time!  It’s definitely the best $8.99 I’ve spent lately.

This song! It has been in my heart and on my lips since I heard it.  Not to mention we’ve been singing it in worship at Deeper Life lately, too.

No elaborate post with this one. Just enjoy the worship as God’s presence fills where you are!  If you love it too, you can download it below.  And if you’re reading this post via email, you’ll need to come on over to the blog to listen to the song.  See you in a few, graceful friend!

Let us begin to grasp this fullness of Him

How high, how wide, how deep is the love you have for me

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