The Importance of Rest (And I Don’t Mean Sleep)

The Importance of Rest (And I Don’t Mean Sleep)featured


As the first six weeks of school comes to an end, we are preparing for our week off.  No school. No blogging. Just rest, fun, and a time to refresh.  (Note: No blogging for me, but I will have some lovely guest posts scheduled and ready to go live during the week. You won’t want to miss them!  You are in for a real treat.)

I have come to understand how important rest is if we are to really be effective in what God is calling us to do.The Importance of Rest square

We’ve adopted a six-weeks on, one-week off schedule for our homeschool and blogging.

When I first started blogging, I thought that if I took a week off I would lose you (the one who is reading this post). I was afraid you wouldn’t come back if you came to my blog and saw there was nothing new for a week or two.

But what I learned when I was almost forced to take a couple of weeks off last summer is that the period of rest didn’t ruin my platform.  I didn’t lose you (and I’m so glad!).  When I came back after the break, I was full to the brim with new ideas to write about.  I found new inspiration in unlikely places!  I was refreshed and ready to go again.

When I took a couple of weeks off from writing, I came back a better writer!

I have heard about the six-weeks on, one week off schedule for homeschooling in a few different places, and I’m so excited to be trying it this year.  Life with small children can be hard to plan for, and taking things six weeks at a time eases my mind.

I have a week off to make changes. To rethink things that aren’t working well.  To prepare for adding new things I want to try. To set new goals and maybe scrap some.

Going into the school year knowing I was taking it six weeks at a time helped me give myself a break.  I didn’t feel the pressure to have everything perfect when the school year started. I spent hours and hours planning this summer, but there were certain things that just weren’t ready to go six weeks ago. Like our Morning Time plans. I’m so excited to be planning more for our Morning Times during our week off, and I hope to have it all ready to go when our second six-week term begins.

After a week off from our studies, we will come back refreshed and ready to learn again!

Learn to take a break for yourself during the day. When possible, take at least 15 minutes and do something just for fun. For me, I usually take a few minutes when Isaac lays down for his nap. I drink my coffee and read a good novel or something while the girls play together.  Then I get back up and get going again. The rest is important! I am worth it. I deserve a rest during the day and you do, too.

After taking a few minutes to recharge during the day, you will be more relaxed and ready to conquer your next task.

If you think you can’t afford to take a break, I say you can’t afford not to.

You think you don’t have time. I say make the time.  Learn to give yourself a time to rest.

You’ve got to learn to take breaks if you want to really succeed.

Resting from your labor is a way to say, “I am not defined by what I accomplish.” You are so much more than that! Your worth comes from the One who created you and loves you. You deserve a rest.

Resting is a way to fill yourself up and prevent burn-out.

Consider setting goals six weeks at a time, and taking a week off to revamp in between. Realistically, I know we can’t take a week off of everything. But you know what you could rest from.  Think about it. Do you suffer from burnout in any areas? Be creative and think about how you could incorporate rest into those areas of your life.

Learn to incorporate rest into your daily routine and your long term plans. You’ll be glad you did!

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