The Amazing Truth About Grace!

The Amazing Truth About Grace!featured


Sometimes I wonder if my kids have trouble hearing. My husband wonders the same thing.  We tell them something and it’s like we haven’t said a thing.  They go on about what they were doing like they didn’t hear us.  So then we say it again. Sometimes we say it a little louder, and sometimes we just have to get their attention in some way. We might tap them or scoop those silly kids right up to redirect their attention towards what we are saying.  If they don’t really hear us the first time, we know how to get them to hear.  And not only hear, but understand.

Graceful mama, God knows how to speak to your heart in a way that you’ll understand. He’ll keep reminding you of His truth until you are experiencing freedom in every area of your life!  You will really know the truth, and the truth will make you free.  31 Days of Truth That Sets You Free

If there is one truth that is supreme, it is the truth about God’s Grace. Every truth that your heart needs to hear is wrapped up in the reality that Christ has DONE IT ALL.

From the time I was 19 until I was 26, I really struggled with depression and anxiety.  And then Jesus took me through a journey and a process that led me to such freedom that I was like a new person! Part of the strategy that led to my freedom was praying through my “truth” everyday, like I talked about in “How to Create Your Own Truth Book.”

I was transformed in a very big way, but it was still a fight for me at times until I heard and understood the truth about GRACE.  Not that I wasn’t a Christian before, but I didn’t understand just how much Christ accomplished.  You see, religion had told me that I had to do things just right so that God would be pleased with me and I could live in freedom. But GRACE told me that Christ had already done things just right for me, and God was completely pleased with me because of what Christ did.  I heard the truth about grace, and I understood it! It became a part of me, and freedom wasn’t a fight anymore.

“This same Good News that came to you is going out all over the world.  It is bearing fruit everywhere by changing lives, just as it changed your lives from the day you first heard and understood the truth about God’s wonderful grace.” – Colossians 1:6

Rest in His grace today, friend! Know that He’s got you, and He’s never going to let you go. Hold onto the truth about God’s grace.  Let the Holy Spirit continue to convince you of how blameless you are because of Jesus!  You can enjoy His presence all the time. He loves you and He loves to be with You!

“…he has brought you into his own presence, and you are holy and blameless as you stand before him without a single fault.” – Colossians 1:22

Let the truth of God’s grace saturate all that you are.  Just like you know how to get your child’s attention when he’s not hearing you, the Holy Spirit knows how to speak to your heart so you will not only hear but understand.  More and more, you will see how much Christ paid for on the cross.  Jesus “purchased your freedom.” (Col. 1:14) He is the truth that sets you free!


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Tasha Medellin is a head-over-heels-in-love wife and not-so-perfect mother of three who loves spending time outdoors, curling up with a good book, and simply basking in the riches of God's glorious grace.

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