Song of the Week: Wonder, by Amanda Cook

Song of the Week: Wonder, by Amanda Cookfeatured


Cultivating wonder is a phrase that has been rolling around in my spirit for several days now.  Probably because I love to read what Sarah writes at Amongst Lovely Things, and her most recent Flourish newsletter was all about cultivating wonder in yourself as a mom.

I’ve been contemplating how to stir up wonder in my children–through exploring nature, reading good books, and other avenues I will discover as I go.

I was made to live a life full of wonder.  The God of all creation lives inside of me, and He is FULL of wonders.  He created the stars, the oceans, the mountains for us to enjoy, and if we take the time to bask in the vastness of it all, we cannot help but wonder at the magnificence of the creator.

His presence fills me with wonder like nothing else.  Whether I’m on a beach, in my car, on the couch, with my children, or in a corporate worship service.

When my spiritual eyes are enlightened with the revelation that He is indeed here with me, and I feel it, the woman I was created to be explodes with life on the inside.  I feel myself in Him and He in me.  I feel we are One.

Enjoy this spontaneous song by Amanda Cook.  And may you never lose your wonder.

Buy the song Wonder here.

Buy the whole album You Make Me Brave here.  It is full of mamas and other incredible female voices singing the unrestrained praise of our God.

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