Song of the Week: Master of Tides, by Lindsey Stirling

Song of the Week: Master of Tides, by Lindsey Stirlingfeatured


Lindsey Stirling.  How did I not know about her before?

This girl is amazing.  My husband ran across her videos on YouTube about a month ago.

He was like, “I found this girl who plays the violin.  You’d really like her.”  I was like, “Yeah, Cool… I’ll have to watch it sometime.”

I was distracted and hurrying around, actually trying to get downstairs to work on my blog, when he just turned on her video for Crystallize and hijacked me.

We watched several videos of hers, and what I heard and saw stopped me in my tracks.

I was mesmerized.  I cried.  I was absolutely in awe at how much God-creativity was released as she played.  Oh yeah, and danced.

Some of her newer pieces are recorded along with dubstep.  She also recently recorded a track with Owl City called Beautiful Times.  There is a video of Lindsey playing a spontaneous performance on the beach in New York City that is a must-see, but my favorite so far is a live recording of Master of Tides.  It was a well-planned, surprise live performance in Glendale, California that caught the audience entirely by surprise.

Watch and enjoy.  And cry.  I won’t judge.

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