Song of the Week: Joy, by Housefires

Song of the Week: Joy, by Housefiresfeatured


This week’s song is Joy, by Housefires. This is one of those songs I can just put on repeat and let play over and over and over–I don’t ever get tired of it.

There’s beauty in my brokenness

I’ve got true love instead of pain

There’s freedom though you’ve captured me

I’ve got joy instead of mourning

You give me joy down deep in my soul!

When God’s joy sneaks into my day, it makes impossibilities seem small and insignificant in the light of His face!

Where there is brokenness, He reveals His beauty.  Where there is sadness, He reveals His pleasure.  His joy changes the atmosphere!

The cool thing is, His joy is always with you. Sometimes it may seem like you’ve lost it, but just rest in Him and ask Him to stir it up. You’ll begin to realize that it’s always there. And it’s powerful.

Fear can’t overtake it. Anxiety can’t stand where joy is. Joy breaks the power of hopelessness, anger, and rejection.

When you least expect it, God will begin tickling you from the inside. I love to tickle my kids, especially when their grumpy. It’s like God installed a “joy button” in all kids–that tickle spot. I can change a frown into a giggly smile in a matter of seconds if I find a tickle spot.

God knows where your tickle spot is, even if you’ve misplaced it. He’s going to sneak in on you. Get ready for a joy explosion!

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