Song of the Week – Broken Vessels, by Hillsong

Song of the Week – Broken Vessels, by Hillsongfeatured


The song for this week is Broken Vessels, by Hillsong.

God specializes in healing the broken!  The Bible says he is near to the brokenhearted.  But the good news is he never leaves us this way.  He takes our broken pieces and makes them into something beautiful.

“All these pieces
Broken and scattered
In mercy gathered
Mended and whole”

Can you see Him today? Can you see Him reaching to touch all the brokenness inside you?  All the hurt. All the pain.  He laid down His life to heal EVERY PART of you.  Look into His eyes.  See the love.  It will set you free.

“Oh I can see it now
Oh I can see the love in Your eyes
Laying yourself down
Raising up the broken to life”

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I have.  Feel Him wrap His arms of love around you today as you listen.

Moms, even if you can’t catch a break to totally get lost in worship, put it on repeat.  You’ll catch a lyric here, and a sound there, and before you know it God will be encountering you in the midst of the beautiful chaos that is your life. 🙂

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