31 Days of Truth That Sets You Free

31 Days of Truth That Sets You Free is the current series I’m writing as a part of the Write 31 Days Challenge. Come join me in my pursuit of the One who is the truth-speaker!

5 Reasons Why I Pray in the Spirit

In this six-part series, I explore five of the ways that praying in the Spirit enhances my everyday life. Come learn with me!

Grace Works

Grace Works is a series dedicated to the topic of GRACE and how it influences and empowers
us to live victorious, purposeful lives in His presence.  You will be so encouraged as you read these posts!

New Places in Praise

In this 10-Week Series, we explore ten different ways to encounter the Lord in praise and worship. Some of the ideas might be pretty familiar to you, and some of them might be new… But one thing’s for sure–they are all FUN! Come encounter His presence with me!

Song of the Week

Every Friday, I share a song with you (usually a worship song that has been blessing my socks off)!  Some of them are new songs, and some are oldies-but-goodies.  Stay posted for fresh, inspiring music to add to the soundtrack of your life!