Seeing Jesus in Their Eyes (And What I Am Learning About the Father’s Love)

Seeing Jesus in Their Eyes (And What I Am Learning About the Father’s Love)featured


I’ve been learning about fellowshipping with Jesus by loving on my kids this year, and some days are easier than others. He asked me to see Him in their eyes. He gave me a strategy for fellowship with Him, and it was to spend time with Him by being with my kids and loving Him in them. (I explain more about this in my previous post.)

“And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!’ – Matthew 25:40 NLT

It’s easy to do when I’m well-rested and in a good mood, and it helps when the kids are being cooperative and happy.

Other times, it’s not so easy.  Like when I’m exhausted and feeling impatient. Like when the house is really messy… again. Like when my son is crying and throwing his cup of potato chips down the stairs or my daughter wants another snack and won’t take no for an answer. Begging, whining, shouting, and angry eyes make it a little harder to see Jesus when I look at my kids.

Yesterday I was worshiping at Deeper Life, and I was really enjoying my time with Jesus. We were all singing and just loving on Him, and He was pouring out His love in a sweet embrace. From this place, I began to talk to Jesus.

It’s so easy to love you and fellowship with You alone like this. When it’s just me and you, it’s so easy and enjoyable. You always receive my love, and You’re always happy with me. Mmmm. It feels so good to worship like this.

Jesus, It’s a little harder to fellowship with you by loving on my kids sometimes.  They don’t always receive my love. Sometimes they want me to love them a different way.   They want me to do things their way.  Sometimes they are too wiggly to cuddle. Sometimes when I serve them by preparing food for them to eat, they complain about it. Sometimes they get angry with me for decisions I make out of my love and care for them… It’s harder to see You in them when they are rejecting my love. I know they don’t mean to.  They are just children. But it does make it harder to see You through them.

In an instant, it all became clear. That’s exactly the way we treat the Lord at times. We are impatient. We want things our way.  We want God to do things on our terms. Sometimes we reject His love the way He pours it out. When He says “no” and we don’t understand why, do we beg and complain and get angry? Are we selfish and immature? At times, yes.  And God is so patient with us.

God loves us without restraint and without limit–He is unconditionally devoted to loving us.  No matter what we do, He is patient and kind. He doesn’t keep record of our wrongs. When He looks at us, He sees His Son.  He sees the perfection of Jesus when He looks into our eyes.

Seeing Jesus in the eyes of my children even when they are not being sweet is an opportunity for me to know God in a new way. Sure, it might be uncomfortable and not-too-fun at times, but I get to embrace the character of the Father. I get to lean into His love and draw from His infinite well of grace in order to lavish His love upon my children.  I was, after all, created in His image to be like Him.  This is an opportunity to be the new creation that He says I am.

Oh, God! Teach me and help me to grow in patience and kindness towards my children and the world around me. Help me to see You in their eyes and, in loving them, lavish my love upon You in a new way.

May the grace be with you!

Love, Tasha

Let’s talk! Do you find it challenging to be patient and kind when your children reject your acts of love and care? How can we, as mothers empowered by grace, love our children like the Father loves us? Leave a comment below and let’s chat.


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