Releasing the Light of God Into Your Situation

Releasing the Light of God Into Your Situationfeatured


Good and evil.  Truth and deception.  Light and darkness.  There are two forces at war in this world, and as children of light we have the power to release the light of God into dark places.

When you begin to praise God, you release His life and light into the atmosphere around you.  Where there was darkness, the light of His face begins to shine, illuminating everything!

Darkness is not really a thing at all if you think about it.  (I heard someone say this the other day; I think it was my pastor.)  Darkness is just the absence of light.  Darkness can never overtake light.  As soon as the light appears, darkness is no more.

When you feel the darkness creeping in on you, release the light of God into the situation.  Change your atmosphere, mama.  Begin to praise Him!  No, really. I’m being serious.  Press into it when it’s hard and you will feel your atmosphere bow to the One Who has won it all.

His wonderful grace compels us to worship–when we are happy and when we are sad. When we are winning the race and when we are lagging behind. When we feel like we’re following Him and when we feel like we’re running the other direction.

His grace covers you always.  Whatever you feel like, you can come without hesitation to Him and praise Him boldly.  And that, my friend, is how we overcome.  You cannot do this on your own.  You can only accomplish it by His grace.

Darkness must always bow to the light.


Sean Feucht, founder of Burn 24/7, is a worshiper who is committed to releasing worship in the places that need it most.  He goes all around the world into the darkness, releasing the light of the Lord with a passion.  Most recently he has been in Iraq where the battle with Isis rages on.  (You NEED to watch this video to hear some of the amazing testimonies!)

This week I want to share one of Sean’s live songs with you.  It was recorded in Slovakia about a month ago as he (and two of his kids!) danced and sang, releasing light and unity over an area riddled with unrest.  I hope you enjoy!  (If you are reading this via email, you’ll need to go to the blog to watch the video.)

If you LOVE it and want to get Sean’s latest album (recorded live at Bethel), you can do that below. I just bought it myself and I can’t wait to listen to it! Blessings to you, my friend.

Get Sean’s newest album here: Victorious One – Live at Bethel

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