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Our Trip to the Libraryfeatured


Yesterday, my kids and I enjoyed going to the local library together.  We love going to the library! It’s a FREE activity (which is awesome), and we get to enjoy the benefits of it for the next week or two while reading all the books we got.

As soon as we arrrived, Isaac and I stopped by the circulation desk to take care of some late fees (oops) while Lily and Isabella went on in to the children’s area. It was craft day, so of course when I went in and found them they were busy at work creating a hero bracelet. They had their choice of heroes, and they chose Wonder Woman.  What cuties.

I got Isaac interested in watching the fish tank from his stroller while I helped the girls finish their bracelets.  My plan was to keep him in the stroller as long as possible.  (You moms with toddler boys understand why. As soon as he is out, he is EVERYWHERE!)

After bracelet making, the girls went straight for the books. I told the girls they could check out two books apiece, but… well… sometimes it’s hard to choose.  I parked Isaac’s stroller by some big magnetic foam letters on the side of a book shelf and just let him go at it.

While they were looking and the librarian was helping Lily find books on horses, I used the wifi to pull up Sarah’s list of the best first novels to read aloud with kids. Isabella is four, and we enjoy reading aloud together. We have started reading some novels together, but I’ve found that I need to choose wisely for her.

I can read books like the Narnia series, and she will listen, but those are more for Lily. Isabella needs something simpler. She absolutely loved Charlotte’s Web and A Little Princess (the abridged version).  To tell the truth, I didn’t realize I was buying the abridged version of A Little Princess, but I’m glad I did. Lily would have enjoyed the original, but I’m sure Isabella wouldn’t have fallen in love with it the way she did the simpler version. After we finished the last chapter, Isabella said, “I wish it had a billion more chapters!” She had fallen in love with Sarah and her life. Now that makes this mama’s heart happy.Using the ever so helpful book list, I found a novel that I think Isabella will love. I chose Hello, Mrs. Pigglewiggle. I read some Mrs. Pigglewiggle books when I was a kid, and I remember really liking them.

It took the girls a long time to pick, and I ended up letting them both take home three-four books. And, I found some for them as well, so we ended up with ten books and a movie, I think.

They were still having a blast, so we took some more time to just play in the kids room. They have all kinds of tactile learning toys for the little ones, blocks, puzzles, and more. I finally let Isaac out of the stroller so he could play, and he went to town!  He was EVERYWHERE.  He especially enjoyed playing with the blocks.  His favorite part was when he dumped out the entire box of Lego Duplo blocks onto the floor, clapping and shouting, “Yea!”

After two hours of fun, we were ready to go home and eat some lunch. I’m looking forward to some reading and snuggle time today!

Do you and your kids enjoy going to the local library? If so, I’d love to hear about it!

If you’ve never gone, you should definitely give it a try! There are usually lots of fun activities planned for the summer months, and most libraries have a weekly story time for small children. Going to the library is a fun and frugal activity your family will certainly enjoy.

Blessings to you, graceful friend! See you again soon for Five Minute Friday and the Song of the Week.  I hope you have a glorious day.

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