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Pandora is our go-to resource for music during our day at home.  It’s only a click away, and you can create personalized stations based on songs or artists that you love.  In this house, we appreciate music!  From worship music, to techno, to (wholesome) rap music, we love the life that music can release into the atmosphere.  Pandora is a great way to hear a good variety of music for free!

Here are my top ten favorite Pandora stations, as of now (in alphabetical order):

1. Bethel Live Radio

Bethel Live Radio is one of the best worship stations you will find!  I love to have these worship songs ringing out as background music as we do life here at home.

2. Better Together Radio

I am a sucker for Jack Johnson.  Sometimes, I just need to pretend I’m on the beach on a remote island in the middle of the Pacific.

3. Bubbly Radio

I also love the light, refreshing, and heartfelt sound of Colbie Callait.  Her sweet (and mostly happy) love songs make my heart smile as I think about my charming, handsome hubby.

4. Disney (Children’s) Radio

I have kids (of course).  And kids LOVE Disney songs.

5. Owl City Radio

Owl City‘s Adam Young creates music that just sounds happy, and therefore makes me feel happy.  I like his creative flair and quirky (yet wholesome) lyrics, and many of his songs have a God-centered strand woven throughout.

6. Kim Walker-Smith Radio

Kim Walker-Smith sings without holding anything back.  Her music (and music like hers) will inspire and refresh you any time of the day.

7. Rick Pino Radio

I love Rick’s music, and it adds a little needed variety to my worship repertoire.  I recently added the Rick Pino Radio station after realizing that Jenn Johnson’s voice was probably tired from singing all day on Bethel Live Radio.

8. Shout Praises! Kids (Childrens) Radio

Featuring lively, energetic songs sung by kids, this is a great station to play for this kids to dance and worship to.  The kids love to hear other kids singing!

9. Will Reagan and the United Pursuit Band Radio

Will Reagan’s music is deep and intimate, and it will take you to places you’ve never been before!  This is a recently added station for me that’s becoming my new most-played station.

10. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Radio

I want my kids to appreciate the fullness and excellence of classical music.  They usually start dancing around like little ballerinas when I turn it on.

What is your favorite music to listen to?  Do you have a favorite Pandora station?  Do you use a different GREAT music resource?  Let’s talk about it!  Read our full comment policy here.

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