Our New Plan for Basic Chores (Plus Periscope Talks & Blunders, Too)

Our New Plan for Basic Chores (Plus Periscope Talks & Blunders, Too)featured


Hi there, mama! So glad you could join me today. I had a fun time on Periscope today talking about our new plan for keeping the house tidy. You can watch my videos (yes, there are two) below. Why are there two? Well, ya know… My phone died at the end of the first one! And then I had to plug it in and finish. Sometimes my life is not so graceful!

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Speaking of Periscope, are you on there yet? If so, you can follow me @diamondgirl1137. If not, no problem! You can watch my scopes on Katch right here.

Periscope is proving to be a real learning experience for me. It’s kind of intimidating, because it’s broadcasted LIVE. Like, you know, no editing or backing up if I mess up, or stumble on my words, or start rambling on and on (yes, that has happened).  I feel like God is using it to help me grow as a communicator and become more confident in general.

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So, about this new plan for keeping the house tidy.

Byron and I were hanging out one morning a couple of weeks ago and we stumbled upon a live scope that Crystal Paine was recording at the moment, about how she juggles running a business, homemaking, and all her other responsibilities.  We were inspired especially by one part when she mentioned having “jurisdictions” for every member of the family–specific chores that every member of the family is responsible for. Simple enough, but it was just what we needed to hear at the moment.  Following Byron’s lead, we sat down for a few minutes and hashed out a new plan. We’ve been working the plan for about two weeks now, and it is working better than anything we’ve done before.

Here is what we came up with together. We talked it over, and then I took the initiative to write it down on this dry erase board.

As you can see, it is very simple and not all-inclusive. That is the beauty of it. So many times I have come up with elaborate plans, but they were self-defeating and impossible to keep up with.

Here on my scope I discuss our plan and six reasons why I am LOVING it!  Well, actually I got through 5 reasons, and then my phone died. You also get to see my lack-of-perfection and not-so-patient self when my kids come in. But maybe that will help you see that I’m not as graceful as a nicely edited blog post can lead you to believe.

After my phone died, I finished the talk right here!  I also have a few nice impromptu things to say about growing in grace and patience as a mom. I hope you enjoy!

As always, I hope you have a graceful day, sweet mama! Blessings to you!

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