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Here’s a little peek into my week. I hope you enjoy it! I know I did. 🙂


I was home from church with sick kids, but somehow I managed to reorganize a couple of my kitchen cabinets. Does anyone else get a rush out of seeing a newly organized space?  Mmmm… It makes me feel all giddy inside!  IMG_1820I needed to do this sooooo badly. I got six sets of Fiestaware from my Nana for Christmas, and although I did get rid of some stuff to make room for it, I suppose it wasn’t enough. Before I reorganized, my stuff would not fit! I had cups falling out of there, and everything was in a wierd place. This is much better. 🙂


All the kids were sick over the weekend, but by Monday we’re slowly getting back to normal. Still kind of taking it easy. Here’s Lily doing some of her school work (on the couch in her PJ’s of course).



I don’t know about where you live, but on Tuesday in Alabama it felt like Springtime! We spent a good portion of the day outside. We went on a walk/bike ride and then played in the yard. Here the kids are catching a little lizard friend.

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Tuesday Evening

Well, just remember: a hot day in March may mean a storm is brewing! This evening, I went out (alone, thank goodness) to get my hubby’s medicine. Yep, he got sick too. When I went into Publix, I noticed the dark clouds gathering, and I could only hope I would be back to the car before the bottom fell out. No such luck!  When I was finished in Publix, it was POURING rain. A sweet girl that works there offered me a store umbrella. She said I could just leave it by my van and she would come get it.  So I walk into the downpour as quickly as I can, and this huge umbrella turns inside out from the wind!  It was pretty hilarious actually. blog 2So I said, “What the heck.” I just ran into the rain as fast as my legs could carry me. And I got SOAKED.  (I am being very brave to show you this picture.)


Isaac was an early riser this morning.  Here we are on the couch at about 11:30 a.m. Lily is sitting with me, reading to me for her All About Reading lesson.  After about 15 minutes of whining and yelling and fussing, I noticed Isaac was getting very quiet and still. The next thing I knew, I looked up and here he was. Sound asleep. Sweet baby. 🙂

blog 1


Lily was my sidekick Friday evening while Isabella and Daddy were on a “date” to the movies. Here we are in the Burger King drive-thru line. She’s my little fireball! Not pictured is Isaac in the backseat in his car seat saying, “Me see! Me see!” He always wants to see the phone if someone is taking a picture. We’re on our way to the hospital to see my grandmother and take her some flowers and a couple of crossword puzzles, because there is potential for her to get really bored before she gets to come home. All in all, even though the hospital is not our favorite place to visit, we all enjoyed being together. I try to savor every moment I get to visit with my grandmother. She’s the only grandparent I have left, and she’s very special. 🙂

Here’s to another great week filled with the joys and the chaos of family life. Blessings!

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