New Places in Praise :: Week 7 :: Wake Up With a Song! (And Why We Are Doing This)

New Places in Praise :: Week 7 :: Wake Up With a Song! (And Why We Are Doing This)featured


Welcome to Week 7 of New Places in Praise! I’m so glad to see you here.11187103_1443474285947599_975731478_n

Maybe you have wondered why we are doing this. You might ask, “What’s the point of intentionally praising God in ways that are different than I’m used to?” Or maybe you’re not even there yet. Maybe the idea of praising God outside of a church building is completely foreign to you and hard to understand.

Let yourself ask the questions that you are thinking about anyway. God’s not afraid of your questions.  He’s always got the answers.

I mentioned during the first week that we would be encountering God in new ways during this series. What does it mean to encounter Him? Well, it’s just “spending time” with Him. Because this thing we have with God is a relationship. God desires to spend time with you, and you were created to have relationship with Him.

Just like in any friendship or marriage relationship, in order to get to know the other person better you have to spend time together. Doing new things together is a great way to explore new facets of the relationship, spark new conversations, and build stronger bonds.

It’s the same way with God. As you spend time together, you will get to know Him better.  And you might think God already knows everything about you, but the crazy thing is He loves for you to come to Him and reveal your heart. Not because He doesn’t know you in and out already, but because you are transformed as you commune (that is, hang out) with Him.

So, with that in mind, we’re going to try something new again.  This week we are going to wake up with a song!

Let the saints be joyful in glory; Let them sing aloud on their beds. – Psalm 149:5 NKJV 

When you wake up this week, before your feet hit the floor, sing a song of praise to God.  You’ll probably have to be intentional about it when you go to sleep at night, like write yourself a note so you’ll remember!

If singing isn’t practical for you for some reason (like you have a young child in bed with you or something like that), you can give Him thanks in another, quieter way. Just do it before you get out of bed.

Start your day off with praise, and you’ll set yourself up for success.

Week Seven Challenges:

Challenge #1: Sing a song before you get out of bed! If you can’t sing, praise in a quieter way–just do it on your bed first thing in the morning.

Challenge #2 (for moms with kids): Sing a song of praise with your child (or children) on their bed.  You can do it in the morning (if you have to wake them up anyway) or in the evening before they go to sleep.

Week Six Activation Prayer: God, put a song in our hearts first thing in the morning. May we awaken with praise to You! You deserve all my devotion, Lord.  May my heart be filled with Your love as we spend time together.  We love you, God!

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Tasha Medellin is a head-over-heels-in-love wife and not-so-perfect mother of three who loves spending time outdoors, curling up with a good book, and simply basking in the riches of God's glorious grace.

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