New Places in Praise :: Week 3 :: Praise Him With Dancing

New Places in Praise :: Week 3 :: Praise Him With Dancingfeatured


Welcome back!  For the last couple of weeks we’ve been exploring some of the ways that we can praise the Lord, with the intent that as we try new things, we can go to new places in Him.

I’ve heard it said before: “I’m not really a dancer.” Or, “I can’t dance.” Or, “I just don’t dance.”

I’d like to propose to you that if you’ve said any of these things, you’ve been mistaken.  The truth is you were born a dancer, with a desire to move to the rhythm of the music!

Think about children.  Have you ever seen a small child that doesn’t like to dance?  Even babies will dance when they hear music come on!  And it’s so cute, even if it’s not what the world would call good dancing.  They don’t care what the world would call it.  They just know it feels good to move to the sound that they’re hearing.

Well, guess what.  It still feels good to move to the rhythm of the music.  It’s because you were created to dance!  Your God dances over you, and you have been made in His image to dance with Him.

Praise his name with dancing… – Psalm 149:3a NLT

It’s really easy–just start moving your feet.  Then let your arms join in.  Pretty soon, you’ll be dancing like He dances over you!  Just have fun with it.

You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy, that I might sing praises to you and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give you thanks forever! – Psalm 30:11-12 NLT

Let me just encourage you with something here.  Sometimes, you might not feel like dancing.  Maybe you’ve had a rough day, or maybe you just feel a little silly. When we find a nugget of truth in God’s word, like in Psalm 149 above, we can apply that truth and dig into that truth before we feel it.  In the context of dancing, you might not feel so great when you start, but once you do your act of faith will ignite something on the inside that begins to change the way you feel.  Just do it, and see what happens!

Week Three Challenges:Dancing

Challenge #1: If you’ve been one to say that you don’t dance, begin to declare, “I am a dancer! I was created to praise His name with dancing. He has turned my mourning into joyful dancing!”

Challenge #2: Turn on some good music, and just start!  Know that as you dance, He is dancing with you.

Challenge #3 (for moms with kids): Kids LOVE to dance.  Tell your children that dancing is one way we can praise the Lord–that we can tell God we love Him by dancing. Turn on some music that they like (it can be praise music or just something else fun) and dance together.

OR, like I mentioned in a previous post, you might just want to turn on the music, start dancing, and let them join you on their own.  I’m pretty certain they will join right in, and you can explain as you go.  This approach works well for me, especially with my strong-willed child.  It almost tricks her into participating (with no complaining or resistance).

Week Two Activation Prayer: 

God, we love you! Thank you for turning our mourning in to joyful dancing!  I pray that as we dance before you, our hearts are filled with the joys of heaven!  Let us find our identities in You and in Your presence.  Oh God, thank you for creating us with the desire to dance.  You said that we must become like a child to inherit the kingdom, so we come to you like children with a dance in our hearts.  Oh God, let your kingdom be released in our homes as we praise You!

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