New Places in Praise :: Week 10 :: You Were Created for Encounter With God

New Places in Praise :: Week 10 :: You Were Created for Encounter With Godfeatured


Hi, graceful mama! I’m so glad we get to spend this time together each week.  You know, one of the greatest privileges we have on the earth is the privilege of relationship.  The people in our lives are gifts from God.  Each one of them was created in His image. 11187103_1443474285947599_975731478_nGod made us all to desire relationship with others, to desire to really know someone and be known in return.

You have such a beauty inside of you!  Don’t hold it back.  Let it shine into every relationship God has blessed you with.  We will find joy in those relationships that are God-sent, and we will also find opportunities to grow (especially when things seem less than perfect).

At the foundation of this idea, friend, is the truth that you were created for encounter with God.  You were created to know Him and be known by Him, and this relationship with Him is the one that will truly fulfill the longing deep in your core.  Created for Encounter with God

I’ve heard it said that there’s a God-shaped hole inside of every person.  Yes, we can enjoy the relationships with people that He puts in our lives.  But if we try to use those relationships to fill the God-shaped hole that they were never meant to fill, we will always be disappointed.

We were first and foremost created to enjoy relationship with God.  Does that idea seem foreign to you? That you could really know God like that?  I want to encourage you–dare to believe it, even if you don’t understand it.

God wants to know you. Let me help you understand this. He created you, and He already knows you better than you know yourself.  But He longs for you to open yourself to Him–to share your heart with Him.  There’s a divine exchange that happens when you let Him be your safe place.  You are safe with Him. He won’t tell your secrets.Questions

God also wants to share His heart with you.  That’s the amazing thing. As you open your heart to Him and share what’s inside, He will begin to reveal His heart to you.  Little by little, encounter by encounter, you are changed.  You take on the character of your Daddy (God).  You were created for this!

You are worthy to come to Him. Let me say that again–you are worthy! There is nothing that you have done or are doing that can disqualify you from coming.  You don’t have to clean yourself up first. In fact, that is impossible. Only He makes us clean.

We are not worthy to come to Him because of how perfect we are. We are only worthy because Jesus came to earth, died on the cross, and then rose again. When God looks at you, He doesn’t see your imperfection, He sees His Son’s perfect sacrifice.  Not sure about that? Well, God’s not afraid of your doubt. Come to Him anyway and tell him all about it.

If you can carve out some alone time, maybe in the morning before the kids wake up or maybe during nap time (if there is such a thing), spend some of it with God. Can you imagine that He is there with you? Because He is. Misty Edwards sings it like this, “I don’t want to talk about You like You’re not in the room. I want to look right at You. I want to sing right to You.”

A good place to start is just to begin thanking Him for the good things in your life (they all come from Him). Good worship music helps, too.  (Here is a good song.) So maybe you could turn on the music and sing, or praise however you want to.  Then, as the Holy Spirit helps you, begin revealing your heart to Him. Just let it all out. Tell Him how you feel about it all. At the core of those raw emotions there is a beautiful you who was created for this. Let your self rush out unhindered, and then let His love rush over you.

Let me encourage you to ask the Holy Spirit to help you in this.  He is your Helper, and He is the One who reveals truth to us about Jesus. When I come to Him like this, I often say, “Holy Spirit, take me to that place where I can reveal my heart to You. Take me to that deep place.” Sometimes, it’s hard to get there by myself, I guess because of the distractions of life. But if I rest in the Holy Spirit to take me to that intimate place, then it takes the pressure off of me to get there. He can take me there in an instant.

If you cannot find any time alone, be encouraged that He is always there. You can always, at any time, share your heart with Him. In the middle of your day, He is there, and you can enjoy His company even if you’re not alone.

Week Ten Challenges:

Challenge #1: Spend some intentional time with God this week. Start by thanking Him or singing, and turn on some good worship music if you want to. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you. Talk to God, and tell Him everything. Open Your heart to Him–just be yourself.

Challenge #2 (for moms with kids): Tell your kids that God loves them and wants to be their friend. “My Best Friend” by Hillsong is a great song that helps get that message across.  When I used to lead worship and this song came out, we used to do it all the time at church. So, it’s not just for kids, but kids love it! Turn it on and let your kids dance!

Week Ten Activation Prayer: God, I want to know you. I long to have a real, intimate relationship with You, the One Who created me and loves me the most. I know I’m worthy to come to You anytime because of what Jesus did for me, not because I’m so perfect. So here I am, longing to reveal my heart to you. I know I was created for encounter with You. So, Holy Spirit, I ask you to be my Helper. Take me deep into the place where my thoughts flow like water out of my heart.  Let the dam break, and let my emotions run free.  Help me to reveal my heart to You. I open myself to know you and be known by You in a deeper way.

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