New Places in Praise :: Week 1 :: Lift Your Hands Up!

New Places in Praise :: Week 1 :: Lift Your Hands Up!featured


11187103_1443474285947599_975731478_nHey there! Welcome to New Places in Praise!

I’m so excited about starting this series with you today. For the next 10 weeks, we’ll be diving into different ways to encounter the Lord in praise at your home, by yourself, with your kids, at the park, in the store… You got the picture, right? Anywhere you are can become a place of encounter with your God.

This week, we’ll be praising Him together by lifting our hands to Him! The Bible tells us to do it, so it’s bound to be fun.  Also, when you see the word praise in your Bible, sometimes it has been translated from the Hebrew word yadah, which literally means to praise the Lord with extended hands. (You can read more about the words for praise here.)

Lift up holy hands in prayer,
and praise the LORD. Psalm 134:2

So, let’s yadah Him together! Watch the activation video below to get started. (There may be a delay of about 1 minute before the video starts. I’m new at this video thing!  Yikes!)

Week One Challenges:

Challenge #1: Lift up your hands to Him in praise throughout the week.  Do it during your alone time with God, while you’re cleaning the kitchen, while you’re at a red light–whenever you want to!

Challenge #2 (for moms with kids): Try it with your kids!  Turn on some music and just lift your hands in praise to God.  When your kids ask what you are doing, tell them that lifting our hands to God is one of the ways we can show Him we love Him.  Ask if they want to do it, too.  I bet they will join in!

(With kids, this approach works best for me.  Kids are more apt to try it if you just start doing it. Don’t try to explain first or tell them what you are going to do.  Surprise them!  For me, they are less resistant that way.  Just let them have fun with it and join in as they want to.)

Week One Activation Video: 

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