My Vision for 2016 and Where My Priorities Lie (Part 2)

My Vision for 2016 and Where My Priorities Lie (Part 2)featured


I’m so pumped about the new year.  I feel very hopeful about overcoming some obstacles that have stood in my way and growing in some areas as well. I can see where I’ve come from, and I’m thankful for how far I’ve come!

I know that if you’ll take a good look at your life, even on the hard days, you will be able to say the same thing.  God doesn’t leave us where we were.  When He rescues us, He brings us up to where He is. He holds us and lets us live life from His perspective. We grow and learn with each passing day, yet sometimes we don’t notice.  Our progress may escape our attention during our everyday struggles and trials.  We may look at ourselves and just see the mistakes–how we don’t measure up.  But let me just tell you, mama: You were born to do more than survive. You were born to thrive! You were born to live life to the fullest and enjoy God along the way.

Me and the handsome @bmlifeofwonder :) aka my wonderful hubby!! I love you!! ❤️ #marriagerocks #familylife #iamoneblessedmama

Me and the handsome hubby!!

God’s grace is truly amazing.  He pours it our over us continually, causing growth and speaking destiny into our hearts.  Let His grace carry you the distance this year.  Set your sights on Him, and don’t give up. You can do this!  What you cannot accomplish on your own, God will accomplish for you as you trust in Him with your whole heart. You were never meant to go it alone.

In my last post, I began telling you about my vision for this year, covering the areas of homeschooling, spiritual life, and blogging/ministry.  I’m going to finish telling you all about it now. So here we go!

Housekeeping: Be Intentional About the Big Stuff

There are three areas that cause me and my family stress when I neglect them or just do them haphazardly.  Being intentional about these three things will contribute to my happy and peaceful home! I will do my best to keep these areas at the top of the list for each day…

  1. Do laundry every morning
  2. Contribute to planning and updating our budget
  3. Plan meals and grocery shopping

Do my floors need to be mopped more often? Yes. Does my dog need to be washed more often? Yeppers.  Are there other areas where I’m struggling to stay afloat in housekeeping? You better believe it. But instead of setting 15 pie-in-the-sky goals that will just set me up for failure, I’m gonna focus on the things that really seem to affect the way my home runs the most. Along the way, I’m sure I’ll accomplish other things and improve in other areas as well.  Especially if I’m not worried about searching for matching socks and clean undies for multiple children. {wink}


I don’t want to take for granted the beautiful blessings God has given me in my family and friends. I plan to devote quality time to my marriage first and foremost, and then of course my children.10514045_728140300620550_1965208065_n

Also, I plan to be intentional about spending more time with a few specific family members that I’ve listed for myself. I’ve already begun to do this some during the past few months, and I know I want to continue to keep quality time with these people a priority.  It’s so easy to say, “I don’t have time to stay… I need to run to the store and pick up our library books before nap-time… We’ve got to get this done first…” But as tempting as it is, I don’t want to miss out on the treasure of true relationship because I’m too busy. Just sit down, Tasha.  Just be still and visit.  Just pick up the phone. Just go by and hang out. The errands can wait, but I know I’ve got to invest time in relationships today.

Personal: Have Fun

I’ve written before about the importance of taking time for yourself.  Doing things just because they fill up your tank. If we’re not consistently getting filled up ourselves, we will just run out of steam! If we are to love and serve our families the way we all want to, we must take time for ourselves as well.

I'm loving this book. Read it, read it, read it!

I’m loving this book. Read it, read it, read it!


I plan to take time {pretty much} every day to do something just for me. It usually happens for me when Isaac goes down for his nap and the girls are playing with each other.  I drink my coffee and just do something that’s fun to me.

Some things I plan to do in order to enjoy being ME, use my creativity, and/or get filled up are:

  • Read nonfiction books and novels
  • Create some Shutterfly books with our family photos
  • Bible study (usually in the morning when possible)
  • Write one song each month
  • Write a poem every week

Do you feel guilty taking time for yourself, or do you set aside time for yourself to get filled up?  What’s fun for you? Is there something you used to do before you were a mom, but it’s been a while?  Let’s plan to take some time for ourselves this year and make it a priority.  Leave a comment below and let’s talk about it!

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