My Vision for 2016 and Where My Priorities Lie (Part 1)

My Vision for 2016 and Where My Priorities Lie (Part 1)featured


Hi, graceful friend! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s holiday. Did you get to spend some quality time with those kiddos and other important people in your life? I hope so. I enjoyed spending time with my husband, kids, friends, and family.  Taking a nice break has a way of refreshing me and preparing me to start again!

This time of year, we hear a lot about New Year’s Resolutions and goal setting.  I think it’s amazing how God set up our days, weeks, months, and years so that we always have a fresh start and a chance to do things differently.  Last year was the first time I set goals for the year, and I went a little overboard. I had just read Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine (which I highly recommend by the way!), so I took the goal setting to an extreme even though she warned against that in the book.  You live and you learn, right?

This year I’m not necessarily setting goals for the entire year. Some will look like goals when you read them and some won’t, but I’m calling my plan for the year my Vision for 2016.  You’ll see as you read it that some of what I’m putting on paper (or screen) is a broad idea of what I’m shooting for, and some of it is more specific.  I think setting goals is very important, and I am not in any way claiming to be a goal-setting expert.  I just think that for me, during this season of my life, it will be more efficient to cast a “vision” for the year, and set actual goals on a six-week and weekly basis.

Mom-life has a way of throwing many unexpected things at you when you have littles.  What things look like right now may completely change two months from now, and what seems doable right now may prove impossible as the needs and stages of my children change in the coming months. So, for this reason among others, I’m not necessarily setting official, measureable goals for the whole year. I am giving this year a thorough and well-thought-out overview though, and I plan to set long term goals every six(ish)-weeks as well as weekly goals that are in line with my overall plan.

Drinking coffee and setting my six-week and weekly goals. I'm so pumped about settings realistic goals to help me stay on track. Key word: realistic. I'm a work in progress! #grace #goals #motherhood #blogging #homeschooling

My goals board is simply a print-out I created and put in a $1 picture frame. It makes a handy, reusable way to keep track of 6-Week and Weekly goals.

On to the vision!

Homeschool: Happy and Peaceful

I was listening to Sarah Mackensie talk about homeschooling one night, and she encouraged all of us to think of two or three words that we would want our kids to use later in life if they are asked about their homeschool experience. The first two words that popped into my head were “happy” and “peaceful.” Above all, I want my children to remember homeschooling as a happy time and a time when things felt peaceful.

No matter what, I am asking the Lord to help me keep my attitude in check and not give into stress or pressure. As the mama, I realize that my attitude and emotion steers the ship.

I know this also extends to other times during the day in the home as well.  It’s a whole attitude adjustment for mama, but I know the Lord is calling me to this higher place. So I know He will do the work in me to make it possible. He is good like that! (And who knew? This book I’m reading right now is helping me understand more about how to accomplish that in my home.)

Spiritual Life: See Jesus in My Children

Abner Suarez was speaking at my church the other day, and he encouraged us all to ask the Lord for a strategy for our life of fellowship with Him for the year.  He said we need to have a vision for our life of fellowship with God.  God quickly and convincingly let me know what my strategy for the year is to be.

In the past, I would have expected a strategy that included lots of alone time when I could pray and read the Bible.  That definitely will happen (lol…well, not lots). I definitely need time alone with Him to pray and dig into the Word. But God knows, as well as I do, the area I need to grow in.  Communing with Him in the everyday moments of life in a way that transforms my attitude and my actions.  I talk about it a lot on the blog, but it’s not because I’ve got it down.  It’s because God is constantly reminding me of it, stretching me in it, and teaching me about it.

This year, He is asking me to see Him in the eyes of my children. He is asking me to see Himself when I look at them. When I am spending quality time with one of my children, I am communing with Him. When I interact with them, I am interacting with Him. When I hug them, I am hugging Him. When I am impatient with them, I am being impatient with… Ouch. You get the picture. This perspective is already stretching me—causing me to enjoy time with my children more, as well as bringing a little twinge of conviction when mama doesn’t respond the right way.

Blogging/Business/Ministry: Consistency

Being realistic about what I can accomplish given my family situation during this season and the other responsibilities that are important, this is what I envision doing on the blog and my other pursuits.

  • Blogging – I plan to post two-three times a week (with one post being a video from my recent scopes)
  • Periscope – I plan to scope once a week (usually on Wednesday) and post some of the videos on the blog.
  • Speaking – I will believe and “pray into” it.  I believe the Lord has been calling me to do more speaking and ministry engagements, so I’m excitedly believing that and trusting that He will open every door.
  • Writing – I will write a book proposal for my new book.

This post is getting long, so I’ll finish up with the second half of my plan later on this week. I hope you have a fabulous day! Here’s to you, mama!

BY THE WAY… If you’re interested in learning all about goal setting from a couple who is very inspiring and knowledgeable, check out Crystal and Jessie Payne’s new online course called Makeover Your Year. They’ll be doing live sessions! Sounds like fun! Note: This is not an affiliate link. I have just learned so much from Crystal’s resources and I love to share them with my friends!
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