My Graceful (Real) World – Early May Edition (& a Giveaway)

My Graceful (Real) World – Early May Edition (& a Giveaway)featured


Every couple of weeks, I like to let you in on some of the goings on at my house–those things that make up our days together here at home.  These events and daily happenings might not be substantial enough to constitute an entire post alone, but I’d like to share them with you just the same and let you into my world a little bit more.What’s going on in your world?  I’d love to hear about it!

I hope all you moms had a wonderful Mother’s Day with your families.  I know I did!  I enjoyed being with my family so much.

Here it is messier than ever on a regular basis (due to my 18 month old hurricane), but also full of love and massive cuteness!  Life with kiddos is an amazing, (quite) tiring, wonderful, (often) difficult, and overall glorious experience.

Isaac just rubbed chicken pot pie all in his hair. #wedolife #familylife #dinnertime

Isaac just rubbed chicken pot pie all in his hair.

School Days

As traditional schools prepare to come to a close, I am preparing to shift gears a bit.  We won’t be taking three full months off, but we will be taking some time for sure.  Our days will go more smoothly at home if we stick to somewhat of a (flexible) plan though, and I don’t want Lily to forget everything we are learning now, and I’d still like to get a little further in a few subjects… So we will still “school” some days in the summer.  With the exception of being out of town a few weeks (and random days here and there), we will plan to do our school work three days per week. What are you doing for summer? Homeschoolers, will you be schooling?

A chef in the making. :) #lily #familylife #dinner #meatloafmonday

A chef in the making. 🙂

Isabella has been having fun “doing school” too!  I got her a few preschool workbooks in the dollar section at Target, and she is loving them.  She’ll do a few pages while Lily does her math.  I have to put them at different tables though, because Lily gets so distracted!

Big sister is helping little sister with her "school work." So sweet! I love that I get to be a part of their lives every day! #wedolife #familylife #homeschoollife #sisters #sisterlove #homeschool @bmlifeofwonder

Big sister is helping little sister with her “school work.” So sweet! I love that I get to be a part of their lives every day!


Our cantaloupes are coming along!  We planted them in a little seed starting tray I got for only $5, and they have almost all sprouted.  The next step: to plow (?) and get a space in the back yard ready for planting. I have NO idea what I am doing.

What I’m Excited About

My friends Eddie and Brittany Thomas just released their first worship album!  It’s called Fragrance.  It is so good!  All the songs were written by Brittany and Eddie, who are two of the best worship leaders I know.  (I’m not at all partial.) {wink}  You can buy the whole EP on Amazon for $8.99 right here!  You will love it!

As an added fun surprise, somebody this week is going to win a free download of Fragrance! It could be you! Simply leave a comment on any blog post this week to be entered to win.

Worship night ftom my view on the floor :) #worship @deeper_life

Worship night from my view on the floor 🙂 #worship @deeper_life

Music and the Mom (that’s Me)

I got to lead worship the other day with my sis and another friend of ours! It has been a while since I’ve gotten to lead, and I really enjoyed it. I’ve got another song I’m working on right now, too.  I play it for the kids during morning time, and that gives us a chance to worship together and me a chance to practice.  I can’t wait until I’ve got it good enough to lead it!  It’s really fun playing again.

Leading worship with these lovely ladies this morning @deeper_life  ministries! @jada_tiffany  @jeniferparrymathis

Leading worship with these lovely ladies this morning @deeper_life ministries!

Family Fun

We had a great time visiting friends in Auburn recently. The whole family spent the night with friends there, and it was lots of fun.  Byron and I had the privilege of ministering at AHOP (Auburn House of Prayer), we spent quality time with some old friends, and made some great new friends as well.  I hope we can go back soon!

Tasha and Byron about to minister.

Tasha and Byron about to minister.

Lily just turned seven, and she went for a horseback riding lesson on her birthday.  What fun!  She LOVES horses.  I hope we can have some one day!

Happy 7th birthday, Lily! We love you! #familylife #lily

Happy 7th birthday, Lily! We love you!

We’ve been enjoying playing outside a lot lately.  Isaac and Isabella love to swing, and we all love the trampoline.  I forgot how much fun they are! Isaac likes to ride around in the little (pink and girly) car.  We like to blow bubbles and color the patio with sidewalk chalk.

The girls just had their first dance recital this past weekend.  They were all so cute and sassy!

Cousin Love

Cousin Love

All the cousins

All the cousins

From the Blogosphere

Here are some of the best blog posts I have read lately that I think you might enjoy.  I know I did!

Time with Daddy @bmlifeofwonderSuch a happy heart. :)Drama queenHe loves his blanket... and those fingers.Daddy and son. :) #isaac #familylife #wedolife

Well, friend, this has been fun.  I hope you have a glorious day! Blessings from my house to yours.

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