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My Graceful (Real) World #2featured


I am loving the return of Spring!   I love how the warm weather calls people outdoors to enjoy the sights and the fresh air.  It brings neighbors out of their homes to reunite after a winter of what seems sort of like hibernation.  Kids laugh and play, as skates and bikes come out of hiding and birds sing songs inspired by sunlight.

Wonderful day at Cheaha with the kids. It was just what I needed! #wedolife #naturestudy #homeschoollife

Wonderful day at Cheaha with the kids. It was just what I needed!

School Days

We haven’t officially “done school” for about a week and a half.  We declared last week to be Spring Break, and this week despite my best intentions, my littlest one has been running a fever.  Between two doctor visits and medication, we haven’t gotten in any school time.  No harm!  We’re not behind, because there’s no one but us deciding where we should be in our studies.  The children are making beautiful progress, and we will pick back up tomorrow (hopefully).

sweet cheeks

Sweet Cheeks


We have still been enjoying morning time together. (Read what Sarah has to say about morning time here.) It’s been a long time coming, but my guitar is back!  I decided it was time to play again.  I’ve been playing worship songs with the kids before we settle in for reading aloud, and they have been loving it.  I’m really enjoying playing again, too.

Got this baby back out today. I figured it was time. :) I played a worship song during our morning time today. The girls (and thier Barbies) both loved it. They danced and sang and the Barbies flew around. What a glorious way to start the day! #worship #homeschoollife #wedolife #create #morningtime #motherhood #zamar

Got this baby back out today. The girls (and thier Barbies) both loved it. They danced and sang and the Barbies flew around. What a glorious way to start the day!

With the break in studies, I have had some time to ponder my plans for next year.  I downloaded a copy of Plan Your Year: Homeschool Planning for Purpose and Peace, by Pam Barnhill, along with some bonus planning material.  I’m planning to read the book and implement the suggestions one part at a time. I’m looking forward to making plans and sharing my progress with you!

My blessings

My blessings

Fashion & Beauty Here at Home


Pretty little girl toes

Inspired by my own post about my favorite polish colors for this season, my girls and I did some pedicures on Tuesday morning!  They just love it when we play beauty shop.

I’m also pumped about the new hair product I got to try in my recent VoxBox, John Frieda Beach Blonde Sea Salt Spray.  It’s PERFECT for my hair.  Seriously, it’s my new favorite.  And it’s time to get some more!  I actually tried to buy some the other day at Target, but either they were out of it or they don’t carry it.  Gotta find it soon!

My sweet lily

My sweet lily

I’m still working on revamping my wardrobe (one of my goals for the year).  So far, I’ve cleaned out a bunch of old stuff from my closet and given it away (or trashed it).  I also cleaned out the small drawer that houses my undergarments, tights, tank tops, and things like that.  I didn’t know how many unnecessary and too-old-to-wear things could end up in there!  I am making a list of intentional items to purchase and add to the drawer as I am able.

Books I’ve Read Lately

I made a goal to read a book per month this year, and so far I’ve been able to do it.  I started off by finishing Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, by Crystal Paine.  (Great book! You can read my complete review of it here.)

Since then, I’ve read:

Game face

Game face

Not-so-Graceful: Socks and “The Pile”

The other day, I wore Christmas socks.  And no, I’m not one of those people who just love Christmas so much they celebrate it year-round.  It was just that there was only one pair of socks left in my drawer, and they happened to be Christmas socks.

Sometimes, my life doesn't look do graceful. :) #notsograceful #grace #motherhood #homeschoollife #familylife

Sometimes, my life doesn’t look do graceful. 🙂

I’d say about half the time, my kids are wearing two socks that don’t match each other.  (I’ve heard that’s actually in style with the teenagers. Am I right?)

Socks are my nemesis.  Thus, my sock basket is usually overflowing with sock-laden glory.  But, praise the Lord, I was able to conquer the sock basket last week!  I felt so glorious.  I also got rid of “the pile” of clothes on my couch.  But I realized, whenever “the pile” disappears, it’s because we are not doing school.  When school starts again, “the pile” usually returns.

I am going to attempt to keep the pile GONE for good now.  Here’s to my best efforts!

Playin with mama's necklace

Playin with mama’s necklace

And here’s to you, graceful friend!  I’d love to hear from you.  Post a comment below and let me know what’s going on in your world.

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