{More} Grace-filled Gems from Romans That Will Rock Your World!

{More} Grace-filled Gems from Romans That Will Rock Your World!featured


Hey there, graceful mama! I’m hearing a song in my head…

And, oh the shame!

Thought of changing my name! (Oh, what’s a name…)

And I got downhearted (How did you feel?)

Every time that I… (Pumba, not in front of the kids!) – Pumba, The Lion King

Can you just hear it now? The song Hakuna Matata is probably playing in your head right now, just like it is in mine. 🙂  Hakuna matata means “no worries,” and as Simba found out in The Lion King, living a life of no worries is easier said than done.  It seemed to work okay for a little while for the young lion, but then his past snuck up on him and knocked him in the head.  It took an encounter with his father to get him back on track.  Once daddy came into the picture and reminded him of who he really was–a king–there was no turning back.  He was free to live out his destiny and do all that his father knew he was made for.

You may feel shame over things in your past that seem to knock you in the head once in a while.  You may deal with guilt that nags at you and pulls at you for even the littlest things in your day to day.  Maybe for you it’s mom guilt (not measuring up to your own standards or the standards of the supermom next door), or maybe it’s more than that.  Two things are for sure though: 1) we’ve all felt the sting of guilt, and 2) Jesus died to take it away.  Your Daddy God is here right now, reminding you of who you are.  You were created for greatness, and He will patiently and relentlessly pursue your heart until you realize it.

Not so sure yet?  Well, let’s take another look into some of the wealth you can mine out of Romans. In the first post in this series, we talked about what makes you right with God and how faith grows in you (hint: it’s nothing you can work up in your own strength!).   You can read that post right here if ya wanna. 😉

Today, let’s dig up three more beautiful treasures that will absolutely rock your world… if you dare to believe them.  They may seem to good to be true, but there’s no such thing with our God.

Grace-filled Gems from Romans

4-You are not guilty! (Romans 8:33-34)

Because Christ died for us and was raised to life, no one can accuse or condemn you.  Let go of that “mom guilt” once and for all.  Let go of that guilt and shame lurking in the shadows that has followed you like a plague since the unthinkable happened so many years ago. Let go of guilt, and hold on to grace with every thing you’ve got, mama!

Your destiny is in the balance.  Don’t listen to the enemy when he comes around, accusing you of whatever it may be. (He’s sneaky.)  Don’t listen to the voices of condemnation.

God says that because of what Christ did for you, you are innocent.

If you are your own worst critic, you may even have to stop listening to yourself! Listen to what God says about you, sister. You have been redeemed!

5- You have peace with God! (Romans 5:1-2)

Because we have been made right with God, we have peace with God.  It’s by faith, simply believing in the gift of Christ’s death and resurrection, that your peace with God has been restored.

You are not at war with God.  God is not angry at you!  We have a declaration we like to say at Deeper Life that says, “God is in a good mood!” And it’s so true.

If you’re idea of God is that He is looking for a way to punish you for doing wrong (or failing to do right), then let’s have a quick reality check.  We can read right here in Romans that you are at peace with God. Period. And it’s not because you’re perfect on your own.

You have believed in Christ, and His perfection has been put onto you like a beautiful, flawless garment. Wear it proudly, mama!

6-God is your friend, and you are His. (Romans 5:10)

Your friendship with God was restored by the death of Christ. Not only is God not mad at you, He is actually your friend!

You know, there are lots of people out there not mad at me.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are my friends.  Maybe they are just acquaintances, or maybe I don’t know them at all.

But God is not mad at you, and He knows you intimately.  He knows you on the inside, and He loves what He sees inside–He loves your heart.  He is more than just an acquaintance, and He died to make sure it would always be that way.  Nothing can come between you and your Daddy God now that Christ took our guilt out of the picture.

He is your friend–a friend you can laugh with, cry with, and hang out with anytime.  He is a friend who will never abandon you or treat you wrongly.  He is a friend who will always want the best for your life, and the cool thing is He actually has the power to see that you get it.

So what now?

Today, let your Father remind you of who you are.  Hear His strong, loving voice calling to you right now, and dare to believe all He is saying! He’s smiling at you, because He loves you so much! He’s so proud of who you are, and He can’t wait to see all that you are going to become.  You see, even if you don’t see it yet, He knows you are more than what you seem.  He knows you are royalty, and you were created to reign with Him.

Blessings and grace to you, mama!

Love, Tasha

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