Just Say “Yes” to Grace

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It’s time for Five Minute Friday!  Today, our beautiful community of writers is writing for five minutes flat on the word YES.  No overthinking, no major edits, just let the words flow out unhindered.  Click on the button to follow me over to Kate’s place where you can read all the lovely FMF posts for this week.And here we go in 3… 2… 1…

Just Say Yes to Grace

God wants your yes. And I probably mean this in a different way that you interpreted it just then.  I’m not talking about doing things for Him.  I’m talking about believing what He says about you.

God says, “You are beautiful.”  Yes, God, I believe that.

God says, “You are perfect in my sight, daughter.”  Yes, Father.

God says, “Jesus paid for all of it on the cross!” Yes, Lord!

“You have been made new.” Yes, Lord!

“You are unique and special!” Yes. Yes. Yes!

“You are a great mom! I have chosen you in particular to raise these beautiful children.” Yes. I agree with you, Lord!

“You are more than a conqueror, my child.” Yes, Lord!


We have the privilege of communing with the God who created the heavens and the earth. Find out what He’s saying about you, and just say “yes.”  Let Him love on you, and let your ecstatic YES! be a praise unto Him.


new song of the week

Today, I want to share a song with you that ran across yesterday. It’s a spontaneous song that was recently sung by Steffany Gretzinger during a worship set at Bethel. I hope you enjoy God’s presence as you listen!



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