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Graceful mama, you’ve got something great inside of you that’s just waiting to come out! When you let your creativity begin to flow on a regular basis, you will tap into more of who you are.  You will begin to discover more of who God created you to be, and it will be fulfilling!  It will be fun.

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You were made to be creative.  You may think you are not creative, but you are!  I know this because of Who created you. God created you in His image and likeness. Since He is creative, you are creative too.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you like arts and crafts or that you write poetry.

Just find your vein and go with it!

If you’re a business woman, tap into your God-given creativity and come up with a brilliant business plan! Come up with ways to become more efficient and productive. The sky is the limit when you’ve got the ultimate Creator on your side.

If you are a homemaker, use your creative nature to come up with new ways to make your home the haven you want it to be! Creatively decorate, creatively organize, creatively do something awesome.

Be a creative problem solver.  Be the one who can look at a situation and tap into something new that hasn’t been tried before. Be the brave one who gets it done.

Be an artist. Be the musician that creates new sounds that have yet to be heard.  Be the dancer that moves to the rhythm of His heartbeat.

Write the songs that generations to come will sing together. Write the songs that only the Lord will hear… the ones that will melt His heart.

Be the hairstylist or makeup artist that brings out the natural, God-breathed beauty in your sisters! Make them feel beautiful on the outside, and let them know how beautiful they are on the inside. Listen to them… and look for creative ways to share the love of Your Father!

Be the poet who pours her heart onto paper with breathtaking honesty.  Be the writer who just keeps writing—who changes lives as her living words leap off of pages and computer screens.

Sometimes the wells of our creativity get stopped up by a lack of use or by too much busyness.  Make time for creative endeavors on a regular basis and you will see that the ideas just keep coming!  You can unstop the wells and have a healthy, vibrant flow of creativity just by tapping into it’s source often.

I recently took my kids on a field trip where we got to see an art exhibit that included several Andy Warhol originals (worth millions of dollars!).  On our way out, I spotted a quote that arrested me on the spot. just keep creating quote

Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art. – Andy Warhol

This is such a freeing paradigm.  Worrying about what others will think about our creations can also stop up our wells of creativity.  Our job is to create—To take what’s in our hearts and heads and give it substance. Whether it’s a song, a work of art, a dance, a poem, a business idea, or whatever else it may be…  I know when I worry too much about what people are going to think about my creation (for me, usually a blog post I’m writing), it can stop up the flow!

So let’s decide to just create. Don’t stop! Just keep creating, and while everyone is deciding whether your creation is good or not, just create some more.

You were made to be a world changer! Find your vein and let that creativity flow, sister.

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Tasha Medellin is a head-over-heels-in-love wife and not-so-perfect mother of three who loves spending time outdoors, curling up with a good book, and simply basking in the riches of God's glorious grace.

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