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Yesterday evening I was in need of a Savior.  It was after dinner time, and I wasn’t feeling like myself.  My thoughts were not right.  They were accusing, negative, and fearful–laced with threads of hopelessness.

The Enemy Doesn’t Play Fair

I know this game. It’s one that our enemy likes to play.

He likes to throw subtle lies in our faces in the form of feelings. Feelings that do not originate within ourselves but seem to…  The feelings seemed like mine, but I knew better than to embrace them.

He likes to plant lies in our minds in the form of thoughts. Thoughts that don’t come from our minds alone but seem to…  The thoughts seemed like mine, but I knew just enough to resist.

This is not a new game. It’s one the enemy has been playing since the beginning of time.  He might think he can win it. What he doesn’t yet realize is that the game has already been won.

Grace Wins Every Time

Jesus won that game for us when He died on the cross, defeating every adversary. He shamed all of our enemies there, and hung them up for the world to see.

Fear is defeated

Rejection is defeated

Hopelessness is defeated

Anger is defeated

Sin is defeated

When we rest in His grace, we win every time because we’re taking hold of the victory that He already won for us. He defeated every enemy of ours right there.  When he went into the grave, he took all our enemies with Him.  But when He rose again, they stayed in the grave!  They did not rise with Him, but we sure did!  All our enemies are defeated still–and we get to live life abundant through His resurrection power!

What enemy has come against you? Is it shame? Regret? Anger? Resentment? Blame? Rejection? Sadness? Depression? {insert personal enemy here}? Rest in the truth that Christ has won the victory, and watch Him come through for you!

Back In the Kitchen

As I was in the midst of the swirling thoughts {not fun, by the way} and the emotional battle, as much as it felt like me I knew it wasn’t.  Those might have seemed like my own thoughts and feelings, but I made the choice not to agree with them.  I knew they didn’t line up with what Jesus had to say about my life, my relationships, and my character. I knew they were the enemy’s thoughts and feelings and not my own.

The enemy wanted me to embrace them as my own.  He wanted me to agree with them.  But I made the conscious choice to say “no.” I didn’t strive. I didn’t fight through my own strength. I fought the battle by resting.

You see, we are the strongest when we are resting in His arms.

From this place of rest, I called to mind the keys God has given us that will help us walk in victory. (Within the wide open space of grace there is so much to discover. I’ve realized that in this grace-world there are things I can do that will help me enjoy God’s presence even more, savor what He’s done for me, and cause me to win every battle through His victory.)


  • Thanksgiving: I began giving thanks to God.
  • Truth: I got out my phone and started typing a “note” for myself that was full of truth, contradicting every lie that was coming against my mind and heart.
  • Tongues: I prayed in the Spirit.
  • Rest: Throughout this whole process, I was just trusting God and resting in His love.


Grace is the place where our victory is won, and rest is where we realize that victory.   Sometimes, from that place of rest God will download a needed strategy that will shut the enemy up.

The Breakthrough

So here I was, in my kitchen, sweeping the floor and thanking God.  From this place of thanksgiving and praise I began singing a spontaneous song:

The truth is the truth

No matter what I’m feeling

The truth is the truth

No matter what

I sang it over and over, and the song filled my being with light. God literally flooded me with peace. My mind was at rest as I felt the oppression lift off of me. The attack “broke” as God broke through for me.  And from the clarity and peace of that simple, spontaneous time with Jesus I was given a simple idea {i.e. a strategy from God} that I carried out the very next day.  And with that simple idea came even more victory and freedom.

So here’s to you, Mama, and here’s to the One who will never let you down! Jesus is your victor–the battle has been won! Sometimes you will go through hard times.  Sometimes the battle isn’t easy. But you can rest assured that He will not leave you or forsake you. He will hold you in His strong arms and carry you to victory.

I’d love to hear your testimony! How has God come through for you? Leave a comment, or send me a message here (for more privacy). 🙂

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