How to Create An Intentionally Simple Make-up Routine

How to Create An Intentionally Simple Make-up Routinefeatured


When it comes to makeup, some days are for going all out.  There are times you you might enjoy getting creative with colors and taking the time to do something extra-special.

And then–there are the other days. Those days when you need a simple yet intentional look that will help you look and feel your best.

For myself personally, if I have on makeup I just feel more put together and confident.  Now, I don’t wear it everyday.  I’d say about half the time actually.  But I like to wear it if I’m going out and sometimes at home–just because.

Since I created my own intentionally simple makeup routine, I am amazed at how quickly I can apply my makeup.  It is not haphazard–it is intentional.  It is not sloppy–it is simple, neat, and on-purpose.  I don’t feel thrown together–I feel confident.

By creating a routine that you repeat the same way each time, you will get more confident (and hopefully faster) as you practice without sacrificing the precision of your makeup application.

Having a repetitive routine also saves time because you don’t have to make the decision of what products to apply each time.  You make that decision once, write it down, and then you don’t have to think about it anymore.

The goal is to learn to apply your makeup as quickly as possible without getting sloppy, so even on the days when you are rushed beyond reason you can still look and feel your best!

So, here’s how you do it.

To prepare your routine (this will only be done once):

  1. Decide on 3-5 makeup items that are must-haves.
  2. Make a list of the items in the order they will be applied on a sticky note or other small piece of paper.  Keep this paper handy–in the area where you apply your makeup.
  3. Find some kind of stopwatch to time yourself, at least at first.  I use the stopwatch on my phone.

My list.

What items will you choose? Mine are 1) powder for a little coverage and evening my skin tone, 2) blush, 3) one medium shade eye shadow, 4) eyeliner so I don’t look like I’m asleep, and 5) mascara.


My makeup.

Keep in mind that tweezing and other beauty treatments should be done before the routine begins or at another time entirely.  After you have washed your face and applied moisturizer (with sunscreen if you’ll be outdoors), you’re ready to try it!

During the routine:

  1. Set out your chosen 3-5 makeup items before you begin in the order that they will be applied.
  2. Get your timer ready, and press START.
  3. Intentionally and quickly apply each makeup item, putting them away as you finish with each one.
  4. STOP your timer to see how long it took you to finish your intentionally simple make-up routine.

Each time you implement your intentionally simple make-up routine, see if you can beat your last time! The more you practice, the easier it will be to get the look you want in less time.  It’s simple, intentional, and beautiful.Simple Intentional Beautiful

On those days when you need a quick, simple, and beautiful look to get you out the door in no time flat, you will  know what to do.  Your intentionally simple makeup routine will not disappoint!  You will feel confident and look your best, and you won’t have to choose between applying your makeup and getting there on time.  You can have both!

And most importantly, remember your God-given beauty is always shining through.  You are his daughter, and He has made you beautiful.

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