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Hey there! We have been wrapping up the school year around here and shifting gears to a slower pace. But not too slow… because we have something BIG (or little and cuddly) coming this fall. So we will be gearing up and getting ready for that. 😉 You can read more about our little secret below.

Just to give you a little peek into our lives, here’s last week in pictures. I hope you enjoy!


We love having friends over to spend time with us, and a lot of our close friends seem to live far away these days, so spend the night parties are a regular occurrence for us! I’m not really talking about the kind of spend the night parties where you stay up all night dancing to New Kids on the Block and having pretend Miss America pageants. (What? You didn’t do that?)  I’m talking about friends bringing their whole families, littles and all, and crashing on our blow up mattress and/or couch.

Sunday night and Monday we enjoyed getting to spend time with our friends Anne, Andy, and their cute kids.


All the kids had a blast!  (Notice the peanut butter on Isaac’s cheeks?)  It was so refreshing for me to have an adult to talk to during the day as well! (How ’bout you, Anne?)IMG_2433

Even our puppy Thor had fun. 🙂  He’s only 9 weeks old here.IMG_2436


Tuesday was a big day! We have known we were pregnant for several weeks now (surprise!!), and on Tuesday we got to find out the gender of the baby.  We found out we’re having another boy! We’re so excited, and we can’t wait to meet him this coming November.


He’s a wiggly little guy! Here’s his cute little hand. It looks like he might be sucking his thumb. 🙂 I’ve also started feeling him move this week as well! That’s one of the coolest things ever.



Lily’s getting bigger now, so she is able to help out a lot at home! (When she wants to, of course. lol!)  Here’s my extra tall eight year old (just kidding, she’s on a stool) helping cook breakfast. She makes some good scrambled eggs!  And today’s a special day, because it’s the last day of her 2nd grade year.


And lest you think I look like this all the time:TashasHeadshot

Here’s a couple of morning selfies I took with my girls:IMG_2469


The last day of school deserves a celebration! We had to get a few things at Target, so we picked up this $9 pool and some water guns while we were there. The kids had a blast! (Especially Isabella and Isaac.)

Not pictured: The extreme whining, tears, and attitude episode I had to endure trying to get out the door to go to Target in the first place. 🙂  You know, as moms, we take the good along with the bad.  We embrace the fun moments and God’s grace will help us through those moments that are not-so-fun.



Byron and I have been in need of a date night for a long time now…. So we arranged for a date DAY. We really enjoyed it!  We went to a noon-ish movie, hit up a new local restaurant, and then wrapped it up at Starbucks with a little coffee and dessert. We had a great time! IMG_2484 I think Date Days are going to be the way to go. It was much better than some other dates that we have attempted.  (Read about one of our failed date attempts here.) You know… stuff happens, plans get derailed, etc. But you embrace the good!  And this one was great!

Blessings to you! May your days be full of baby kisses, sticky hugs, and LOTS of grace.

Love, Tasha


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