Five Reasons Why I Pray in the Spirit (#4 It’s Fun to Be Victorious)

Five Reasons Why I Pray in the Spirit (#4 It’s Fun to Be Victorious)featured


The fourth reason I pray in the Spirit is that it’s way more fun to be victorious!  Praying in the Spirit is part of “putting on the whole armor of God.”

Moms, we are in a battle.  It is of vital importance, for the sake of our families, that we be victorious.  Now, we don’t battle against people or any enemy we can see with our natural eyes.  Our battle is in the unseen world, but it has major effect on the atmosphere of our home.

Our enemies are fear, hopelessness, impatience, anger, guilt, frustration, condemnation, {insert your own personal enemy here}, and anything else evil that might get thrown at us.  Their goal is to steal your joy and bog you down with how bad you are doing at being a mom.  They want to kill your productivity.  They want to steal your time and your attention.  They want to destroy your hope for the future, or even just your hope for a sane moment.  They want to keep you from LOVE.  They want to keep you striving for perfection, so your heart is never at rest.  They want to keep you from sweet communion with the Lord.  They want to keep you from enjoying your kids and your life!

The good news is that Jesus came to give us life abundant!  He wants you to have FUN, to enjoy your life, and He has given you the tools you need to be victorious every day.  And isn’t it much more fun when you’re not getting beat down by the enemy of your soul?  You can live in victory! {sigh of blissful relief} Jesus is WAY bigger than your enemy.  And Jesus wins every time.

You are not just a mom, you are a soldier in God’s army with an important mission!  Your commander in chief has not sent you into battle without the proper tools.  In Galatians 6:11-18, we can see some of those tools we’ve been given.

  • Jesus has given you truth to defeat every lie of the enemy.
  • He has given you righteousness, calling you righteous by HIS blood (and not by your own perfect performance).
  • He gives you the peace that is beyond your understanding.
  • He stirs faith in your heart as you embrace the reality of your salvation, that Jesus really did finish His work on the cross, and that work included you.
  • He gives you the Word of God which is your sword that always strikes true, even dividing soul and spirit.

And then right after Paul lists all these things like truth, faith, etc, He says this: Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion.  Pray in the Spirit when?  At all times.  On every occasion. It is part of our strategy for victory!  Our armor is not complete without it.  During the heat of the battle, we can rest in His love, knowing that He’s got it all figured out.  We can pray in the Spirit and give it all to Him.

What will be the outcome of this battle? After the battle we will still be standing firm.  We win every time because Jesus defeated every enemy of ours on the cross.  We will not be defeated!  We will come out on top.  And that’s always more fun.

What are some of the enemies that you are battling against?  How is God helping you overcome them?  Let’s talk about it.  Let’s encourage each other!

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