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This morning during Breakfast and Bible, we went through a new chapter in Let’s Just Laugh at That for Kids. If you haven’t heard about that book, it helps kids recognize different negative thoughts (or lies) that might come into their minds, and teach them the truth that will overcome that lie. We got out our imaginary “laughter blasters” and got ready.

When I read today’s “lie” out loud, Lily grinned a sneaky grin and said, “I kind of like that.” It’s so funny when she identifies with the lie as part of her own belief system! It wasn’t the first time that’s happened either, and it’s so good to have another voice (like this book) saying what you’ve already been trying to tell them.

Today’s lie: It’s my parents’ job to do everything for me.  Ha ha!  Followed by its counterparts: I should be able to relax at home whenever I want… My parents should do for me what other kids’ parents do for them… It’s too hard… I have to do more than everyone else… Good parents give their kids everything they want….

Do you think your kids ever have thoughts like that? Have they ever made statements like that? Ha! I know mine have.  Let’s just laugh at that lie, kids!

The truth I read to them from the pages that followed emphasized the fact that God made our family to be a team. He made us to honor and respect each other and help each other.  None of us can do it alone!

It’s hard sometimes to deal with training them in the art of cleaning and “helping” around the house, but I know it will be so worth it in the end.  When they do a job, it’s never perfect, but that’s not the point.  The more they “help” the more helpful they will actually become, and before you know it you’ll have a capable child who can really get the job done. Hopefully with a smile. 🙂

Blessings and grace to you, graceful mama!  Never forget: as you are raising your kids, you are doing such an important job.  God is smiling at you for doing it with your whole heart!



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