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Today’s fashion find is this super cute maxi dress by On Trend Paris.  

This dress is great!  I love the length–long dresses are both easy to move around in and comfortable.  When you’re chasing those toddlers, the last thing you need is a short skirt that will reveal all your glory if you make one wrong move. {wink}

The colorful pattern is fun, too.  I love color!  The blue, red, and gold together actually remind me of my livingroom/foyer area.  The walls in the foyer are this blue color, with yellowish gold paint on the adjacent living room walls.  WoW!–what a contrast! But it makes a beautiful statement when put together with just the right artwork, like the one-of-a-kind painting my friend Lisa did to go above my couch.

Patterns are also good at hiding that smooshed banana that got wiped on your shoulder.

The three-quarter sleeves make it perfect for any time of year, so it’s a very versatile piece to have in your closet.

Yes, please!

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