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We’ve had our morning time three times this week, and it has been so enjoyable! Morning time is something new we are incorporating into our daily routine this year.

It is a time when I can just sit down and snuggle with my kids, and do those things that I always want to do with them, but never get around to during my busy day.  It is a time to share with my kids those things that are special to me, things I want to pass down to them.

For me, I want morning time to be a time where we read together just for fun.  Not because we have to check things off of a list.  Just because we enjoy it.

I also want morning time to be a time where I invite my children to experience the Lord in new ways.  Children are so open to things of the Spirit!  I can take the things I value in my relationship with the Lord, and lead my children into some of those same encounters.

There has been so much grace on these times so far!  I’m learning as I go (just like we all are) of course– learning what works best.  Here’s what we’ve done so far.

On Tuesday, we read a story just for fun from Mouse of My Heart, a collection of well-written poems and short stories by Margaret Wise Brown.

We talked about the story, then we read a little from Psalms 1 (That was on the fly…. they didn’t really get it.)

Next, I led the kids in an activity called a “journey with Jesus.” They closed their eyes and used their imaginations to “see” certain places and scenarios as I described them.  Afterwards, I had the kids tell me what they saw,  and I was pretty blown away by the biblical accuracy of the information they relayed to me.

On Wednesday, we read My First Look-and-Find: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and a Barbie book. Yes, you heard me right.  Those two usually don’t make the cut during the homeschooling day, but the girls love them!

Next, we read the story of Rahab from Joshua 2. It went along with our Mystery of History lesson for that day.  I tactfully omitted the word prostitute so I wouldn’t have to explain that one.

Then we worshiped and danced to Friend of God on the  “Shout Praises! Kids (Children’s)” Pandora station. That was actually spontaneous, and it turned out to be a lot of fun!  We learned how jumping and dancing are ways we can show God we love Him.  We just laughed and jumped and had so much fun! It was a wonderful way to start the day.

On Thursday, I learned an important lesson about morning time.  For me anyway, I cannot be focused on a to-do list when it’s morning time.  I tried to cram too much reading into morning time, so I kind of sucked the life out of it.  Yikes!

I knew how much assigned reading we were supposed to do that day for school, and I was trying to rush and get some of it out of the way during our morning time together.  Sheesh!  I won’t do that again.  Or at least I’ll try to remember not to {giving myself some grace here}.

It still turned out okay, but it was more hard than enjoyable.  It just didn’t flow like the other two days.  So I learned an important lesson.  Morning time reading, for us, is for pure enjoyment.  No striving or box-checking allowed. {*wink*}

I’m looking forward to the experiences I’ll share with my children as we snuggle and read together.  I’m also excited to see what the Lord does as we open our hearts to encounter Him together.  {Yes, Lord!  Let us realize how close to Your heart we already are.  We want to know you more intimately than ever before!}

Morning time is not just a homeschooling idea.  You can incorporate the idea of “morning time” one way or another whether you are homeschooling or not.  If you can’t do it in the morning, you could do it in the afternoon or evening and name it something else!

If you decide to try it, promise me this: You’ll make it your own.  

  • This is not about being like the other moms.  I bet they don’t have it all together either.
  • This is not about being like her.  You know–that mom you always compare yourself to
  • This is not about being like me.  You’ve never danced while worshipping?  That’s not a requirement–Do it your own way!

Take what’s special to you.  Share that part of yourself with your kids.  Give them YOU.  And make it a part of your lives together.

To read more about morning time, visit Sarah at Amongst Lovely Things.  I’m just beginning to implement this idea, but Sarah especially has lots of good insight on it.  (I love reading her blog!)

What are some things that are most meaningful to you in regard to your relationship with Jesus?  How could you share those things with your kids?  What special times are you already sharing with them?  Let’s chat about it!  Can’t wait to have some girl talk!

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