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Scheduling the day for myself and my children is a challenge that I am working to get better at.  I really have made a lot of progress since I resigned from my full-time job almost two years ago!

I have tried detailed time schedules, but they were a flop.So I’m now working with a basic daily routine that allows me flexibility and margin time–a much better fit for my little family.  We have time blocks set aside for meals, chores, school work, rest/nap time, and free time.

Also, implementing simple morning, afternoon, and evening routines has given me hope that I really can get the laundry and other necessary daily chores under control (or at least almost)!

Having a flexible routine in place for our days makes them more productive and peaceful.  Unless I step out of a grace mindset and into a law-based mindset.  That is always a recipe for disaster.

One thing God’s been talking to me about lately is leaving room for the “life” in my days.  He kept dropping this in my spirit for the past week–don’t schedule the life out of your days–until I finally got it.Lily and Isaac

There are certain times in our family that are full of LIFE.  Do you know what I mean?  Three such times came to mind as the Lord was speaking to me about this.

  • Reading with my children is an activity that is full of LIFE when I’m doing it for enjoyment.  That is in the routine during “morning time.”
  • Ransacking my kids spontaneously with hugs, kisses, and tickles also brings LIFE into the room, even when they are grumpy!  I have been keenly aware of this lately and have been interrupting them often with a barrage of silly affection.
  • Another time that I sense a lot of grace and LIFE is when I just let my girls run off and play after breakfast.  They play so good together (sometimes), and they almost always try to do this after breakfast, whether it’s on the schedule or not.

This last one was not in the schedule.  Not right after breakfast anyway.  That’s when morning time is supposed to happen.  And then chores.  And then (and only then) are they allowed to have free time to play Barbies.  Or horses.  Or dress-up.  Oh, girls!  Don’t mess with the schedule! {overdramatic mom voice}

So this was my dilemma.  I didn’t know how to schedule that in.  In my brain, I’m thinking the only way we will ever get chores done (I don’t want my kids to grow up to be irresponsible) and school done (I don’t want my kids to be illiterate) is if we stick to the schedule.  Now many times, the routine works very well.  Most days in fact.  But there are some days when it just doesn’t.  Like last Thursday for example.

God hijacked my routine to help me learn what He had been trying to teach me.  Don’t schedule the life out of your days.

When I woke up last Thursday, I really didn’t feel a grace to stick to the schedule.  I felt like just letting the girls have some free time.  You can look back at my Twitter feed for that day!  I was tired, and just needed to give the routine a rest.  But instead, I tried to push through and just get it all done.  Let me tell you, it was like trying to swim upstream.  Nothing worked right, and we never did get school done that day.  I yelled more than I like to, too.

I didn’t realize until later that day what I was sensing that morning.  I was sensing a “grace” to do something different than the routine.  There was a grace to take it easy and let the girls have some free time, play together or maybe even watch a movie for a little while.  I saw that if I would have just “embraced the grace” that I was sensing, the day would have been much more peaceful.  It would have gone much more smoothly.  I bet we actually would have gotten school done at some point, too.

So, I’m a work in progress.  (Aren’t we all?!)  I hope I have learned my lesson.  No more striving.  Embrace the grace for the day, even if it leads me a different direction than I had planned.  God always knows better than me!  If the routine has to be dropped for a few hours so LIFE can happen, so be it.  I choose LIFE over my silly schedule any day.

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