Break or Break… Which one will it be? (Five Minute Friday)

Break or Break… Which one will it be? (Five Minute Friday)featured


It’s Five Minute Friday!  Head on over to Kate Motaung’s blog and link up if you like to write.  We write for five minutes flat on a single word prompt.  Today’s prompt was the word “break.”  To read what gushed out today, read on.  I’m glad you’re here!


Ready, set, write!

When I think of the word “break” I have two different definitions fighting for a place in the forefront of my mind. 1) Break as in coffee break, take a break, Momma needs a break… etc.  2) And then there is break as in breakdown.

The two definitions are tied together for sure in the life of moms everywhere. One thing I’m glad I learned a while back is that it’s good for me to take a break. Cause if I don’t, I might just BREAK.

We moms (and all lovely ladies who like to give, give, give) have to take time for ourselves like I wrote about the other day. We need that time to recharge and to revamp. As my husband says, we aren’t just robots that can be expected to go and go and go, always working.

We have to take time for ourselves to do something that invigorates us. That way we can be fully alive and able to better care for those that we love so much.



Take some time for yourself today, graceful lady.  Let Him pour His life into your heart today.

As a part of my official blog launch, every one who leaves a comment will be entered to win an Evie Mae gift set!  Blessings to you, friends! <3

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