Beauty Buzz: Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

Beauty Buzz: Simple Smoothing Facial Scrubfeatured


When it comes to keeping your skin beautiful and radiant, exfoliation is key.  I just bought this Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub yesterday on a whim (because it was on sale of course), and I tried it out this morning.  It left my skin feeling so fresh!  I was ready to conquer the world –one scrambled egg at a time.

I simply love Simple products!  I tried the cleanser and the moisturizer last year for the first time because I had a coupon for them (noticing a theme here?), and  I was pleasantly surprised by how GREAT my skin felt after using them!

Honestly, Mary Kay cleanser and moisturizer are my favorites, but they are not really in the budget right now if you know what I mean. Three kids plus one full-time income equals major budget cuts.  Simple products are the first ones that I like almost (just being honest) just as much as Mary Kay.

Buy Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub and give it a try!  Your skin will thank you.

What are your favorite skin care products?  I’d like to know!

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