I’m so glad you’re here, graceful friend! Read on to discover more about My Graceful Life’s purpose, focus, and policies.


The purpose of My Graceful Life is to encourage and inspire moms everywhere.  My life sometimes doesn’t look so graceful.  But it is full of grace!  (You can read more about why I chose the name My Graceful Life here.)

  • My Graceful Life is a blog for moms where we can celebrate God’s grace and how it touches every area of our lives.
  • It’s a place where we can share our hearts, be encouraged, and inspire each other.
  • It’s a community where we value family, beauty, creativity, and intimacy with God.
  • It is a safe haven, where we begin to realize that God really is intimately connected with every little detail of our lives and heaven really is close to home.


There are four specific areas that I will be focusing on as I write.

  • In family life, I’ll be sharing practical stuff I’m learning about raising a family, being a wife, being a mom, and managing my home.
  • I’ll be writing about spiritual life as well, sharing some of the revelation God has given me {what a privilege!} and things I’m learning as I walk with Him. I you ever don’t understand what in the world I’m talking about, I love answering questions!
  • In fashion and beauty, I’ll be sharing some great deals on women’s and kids fashions, as well as what God is showing me about the value of our true, God-given beauty as women.
  • In the arts, I’ll be featuring some of my favorite musicians, some of my favorite artists, and hopefully inspiring you to use that creativity God has put inside YOU to make His dreams become reality in your world.

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Here are some of my most popular posts to encourage you in your journey. I hope you enjoy them!  You are important to God, and He believes in you!

Disclosure Policy

A secondary purpose of My Graceful Life is to provide income for my family.  Affiliate links will be included in some of my posts.  If you click on one of my affiliate links and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you!  I will also include limited, relevant advertising on my sidebar which will bring in some income as well.  Never feel pressured to make a purchase!  That is not the main purpose of this blog.  If you see something you like and want to buy it, great!  If you don’t, then that is fine, too.  I’m so thankful for all of my readers, and I value YOU as an individual.  I want to bless your life, and if God chooses to bless me financially in the process {hallelujah!}, then I’ll take it.

Comment Policy

I encourage comments from all my readers.  I want My Graceful Life to  be a community where we can laugh together, learn together, and encourage each other in this journey as mothers.   In order to keep the atmosphere positive and encouraging, there are some types of comments that I will not allow.  I will not allow comments that are critical, harsh, or judgmental of me or another reader.  I also will not allow theological debates or arguments.  You may or may not agree with everything I write, and that’s okay!  This is just not the place to debate.  If a comment is posted that I deem to be inappropriate, it will be deleted.

Sincere questions are always encouraged, and if you just need a little more explanation about something I posted that you don’t quite understand, please ask!  I will always do my best to answer questions with well-thought responses according to the knowledge I have.

Thank you!

Thanks for being a part of My Graceful Life.  I’m so glad you’re here!  Make yourself at home. I hope you are inspired and encouraged as you do.


I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to send me a private message below.