6 Ways You Can Enjoy Morning Time With Your Littles (and Our Morning Time Plans)

6 Ways You Can Enjoy Morning Time With Your Littles (and Our Morning Time Plans)featured


I am so excited to have a plan for Morning Time! I have been working on it in recent weeks, and I’m ready to implement it starting today.

Okay, okay. If you’ve been around here for a while you know that I usually have to tweak my grandiose plans once we really try them out, and I’m sure this Morning Time plan will be no exception. I’m fine with that, and even expect it! I will try my plan this week, go with the flow, and make adjustments to my plan as needed.  I’ll give you an update on how it’s all panning out in a few weeks.

“So, what is Morning Time?” you ask.  Well, for us Morning Time is a part of our homeschool that all the kids are a part of.  Lily is in 2nd grade, Isabella is 4 (5 in December), and Isaac will be 2 in a month. It’s a time where we like to read lots of books, sing songs, memorize fun poetry, and do anything else that otherwise might not make it into our official homeschool day.  This is my time to teach my kids some of the spiritual things that are important to our family as well!

We start off with the things that all the kids will enjoy, and work our way up to the things that maybe only Lily will participate in.  It’s okay if the other two lose interest along the way and fade out.  Isaac can play close by and as long as he’s not climbing on the kitchen table {again} I’ll be fine with that.

I have been listening to Pam Barnhill‘s My Morning Basket podcast in preparation for the coming school term, and I’m getting lots of great info and inspiration.  I learned some new things about why memorization is so vital for young children in Pam’s interview with Andrew Pudewa.  I also really enjoyed Pam’s interview with Brandy Vencel, and I think you’d like to listen to it, too. Especially those of you who have littles. Brandy doesn’t call it Morning Time, she calls it Circle Time. (Who says it has to be in the morning, anyway?) And she started incorporating it in her homeschool as a way to get her preschoolers and toddlers involved in the school day in a fun way!

If you are a mom of littles, whether you plan on going the homeschool route or the traditional schooling route (either of which can be a fine choice by the way), you can incorporate Morning Time into your day and your kids will love it! Call it Morning Time, Circle Time, Together Time, or make up your own name–one that fits your family. You and your children will enjoy having this intentional time block in your day where you get to just enjoy together time, good books, and fun activities.

If you’re just getting started, start simply! Don’t feel like you have to have an elaborate plan right off the bat (or ever, if that’s not your thing).  Begin with just one or two simple things and be flexible.  (Remember, we started this year out with only Read-Aloud time during our Morning Time.)  It doesn’t have to last a long time at first either.  Start with the amount of time you think your kids can handle, and work up to a longer period of time as you are able.

6 ways to enjoy morning time with littles Pinterest

  1. Read aloud!  Read picture books, chapter books (ages 4 and up), Bible stories, nursery rhymes, or poems.  If you choose only one thing to incorporate at first, start with reading aloud.
  2. Memorize! Your kids will enjoy learning fun poems (complete with hand motions if you want) or Bible verses.
  3. Sing! Sing fun songs or worship songs.
  4. Dance! Dance while you sing your songs or dance to music. Rap, worship, techno, Disney princess–We like a variety of songs at our house!
  5. Create! Color with crayons, paint a picture, scuplt with play-doh, or do a craft.  It can be messy, but it is worth it.
  6. Play! Play a game together.  You can make your own game or play one like Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders.

You can enjoy Morning Time at any time of day that works for you. We do it in the morning because we don’t want other things to crowd it out of our day, and planning it for the morning helps ensure that it won’t get left off.  You may want to do it in the morning, or perhaps after lunch will work better for your family. If you work outside the home during the day, you might want to have a simple Circle Time before or after supper just one or two days a week.  You can make this idea your own and do what works best for your family.

Here is my Morning Time plan for this term:

*Remember, this has been a work in progress since last year really.  I try to incorporate things that the littles will enjoy and also satisfy some of our homeschool goals as well.

1- Worship, prayer, and Bible story!

  • I’ll play a worship song on the guitar and sing while the kids sing, dance, and praise!

I’ll help them learn new ways to praise and encounter the Lord.  If you are imagining my children as perfectly reverent angels or even moderately passionate worshippers, think again.  I often have to break up little spats in the middle of a song. My children are allowed to be silly, fly their Barbies around, and have fun (within reason). I do set boundaries for safety reasons. We’ve had the girls run into each other while dancing or spinning a time or two, so we make sure everyone has their own personal space.

  • We’ll have our Thanksgiving Circle and Prayer.

We’ll pass something around, like a stuffed animal or ball, and whoever has the object tells God what they are thankful for. Then we will pray a short prayer together.

  • We’ll read a chapter from Luke or Acts.

I plan to read a chapter a day starting with Luke. I chose Luke and Acts because they were both written by the same author (Luke) and they flow seamlessly together. Acts is just a continuation of the story from Luke. I picked them also because they tell a story–the lovely story of our Savior, His friends, and His early church.  (Kids like stories!)

I will often ask them to close their eyes and imagine what the story looks like in their minds.  God can use our imaginations to speak to us! Did you know that??  Very cool, right?

2- Memory Songs and Memory Work

The kids love this! We are learning the books of the Bible by song right now. They’ve got the New Testament books down pretty good, and now we’ll add on the Old Testament song.  To this day, when I am looking for a book in the Bible, I sing the song in my head. (Thanks, Mrs. Dobbins!)

We will say our memory verse (Romans 1:16-17 right now) and the poem we’re memorizing, complete with hand motions! I picked the poem “Autumn Fires”, by Robert Louis Stevenson as our first poem because we have been building fires outside lately in our fire pit! The kids helped make up the hand motions, and even Isaac has fun trying to do them! (He’s so cute!)

3- Read Aloud Time!

We’ll start with a board book for Isaac, then a picture book or two, then a chapter book or two. (I like to get books at the right level for both Isabella and Lily from the library. That could be a whole other post! Maybe I’ll write about that another time.) We’ll also do our history readings from Story of the World and then our Science readings.  We’ll merge right into our Science Experiment (once a week) or our Science Worksheets (We use Sonlight for Science.).

4- Artist Study (once a week) or Arts and Crafts Time!

Once a week we’ll look at some paintings by a well known artist… Okay, so I don’t even know many of these artists names off the top of my head. But I want my kids to grow up with an appreciation of fine art.  We’ll do a new artist every six weeks!

At least once a week, I’ll get out the paints or other art supplies and just let ’em at it!

Ever since I started doing Morning Time last year, it has been an important (and fun!) time of our day.  I know you’ll enjoy having Morning Time (or Circle Time, etc) with your littles as well!

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