5 Simple Ways to Brighten Your Day and Lift Your Mood (And Your Kid’s, Too!)

5 Simple Ways to Brighten Your Day and Lift Your Mood (And Your Kid’s, Too!)featured


Do you ever find yourself with a case of the grumpies? I know I do! Do you ever have a day when it seems that everyone is a little grumpy, including the kids and the dog?

If you can find your happy in the midst of your grumpies, you can inject your day with a boost of joy! Here are five simple ways that I change the mood of my home from grumpy to happy, and it only takes a few seconds.5 ways to brighten your day

1. Tickles.  This is one of the quickest ways to find your small child’s smile.  Find that tickle spot, and go to town!  If you can get them smiling, the grumpies won’t win over. It also helps break a sour mommy mood just hearing those cute little squeals and giggles.

2. Hugs and kisses. Go ahead, mama. Just shower your kid with affection!  Kids love hugs and kisses. Get silly with it. No one can really stay grumpy when they are being showered with (or showering someone with) love, right?

3. Silliness. Just get silly. You know, those things that you’d never do outside of your own house. Silly noises, funny faces. Say “goodbye” to Grumpy and “hello” to Happy.

4. Laughter. Good old fashioned laughter will do the trick. Just start laughing! It will trigger a chain reaction that will go from your mouth to your brain, telling your brain that you are happy. Do those things that always get your kids laughing. Change the whole mood of your home by filling it with laughter!

5. Dancing. Just turn on some good dancing music and go for it! It can be a silly dance (see #3) if you want. The happier the better, so if it makes you laugh, that’s always good.

Mama, you help determine the mood of your home.  You (with a lot of help from Jesus) can turn a grumpy moment into a happy one!  Happy moments turn into happy days that produce a lifetime of happy memories you and your family will enjoy.

Blessings to you! And may your days be filled with happy.

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Tasha Medellin is a head-over-heels-in-love wife and not-so-perfect mother of three who loves spending time outdoors, curling up with a good book, and simply basking in the riches of God's glorious grace.

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