33 Ways to Spend Quality Time With God (Even When You Can’t Be Alone)

33 Ways to Spend Quality Time With God (Even When You Can’t Be Alone)featured


Today I am reminded of how blessed I truly am to be surrounded by such wonderful, tiny people every day. God in His infinite wisdom saw fit to send me three of His precious ones. I get to know them. I get to fellowship with them every day.

Peanut butter face :)

Peanut butter face 🙂

When I’ve got something seemingly important planned and I get “interrupted” by one of these blessings, the Holy Spirit reminds me that every interruption is an opportunity. Every time I’m interrupted, God is giving me the opportunity to love on my children and share life with them.

C.S. Lewis said, “What one calls the interruptions are precisely one’s real life–the life God is sending one day by day.”

Sweet girl

Sweet girl

We are called to embrace this life God is sending us. With open arms, we are to welcome these little ones, to whom the kingdom of heaven belongs.

The grace of God empowers us to embrace the life God is sending us guilt-free. From the place of resting in Him, we can receive the understanding that all those things-to-do that seem so important are not as important as the little people He has placed in our lives. To love them with our hugs, our kisses, and our time is one of the biggest privileges of motherhood.

 Look who lost a tooth!

As a mom, I have way less time to be alone with God than I used to.  I have always valued “spending time” with God.  I used to only think my time with God was worthwhile when I was alone in my room, locked away from the world.  While time like that is great for reflection, it just doesn’t happen as much as it used to {not even close!}.

God has used this to teach me a lesson I was too stubborn to receive before: that He’s not so hard to find.  He’s right here with me all the time, and I am fellowshipping with Him.  The moment I turn my attention to Him on the inside of me, loving me even now, we are having quality time.  The instant I tune my ear to His joy song that is being sung all around me, springing up from the well within, God and I are spending quality time together.

In the spirit of not having much “alone time” with God, but realizing that He is with me all the time, I have compiled a somewhat humorous list of ways to spend quality time with God when you are surrounded by kids.33 ways to spend (#2)


  1. Sing out loud! (Think Buddy the Elf.)
  2. Spontaneously make up a silly song and sing it.
  3. Turn on some music and just start dancing.  Chances are, your kids will join you!
  4. Play an instrument.  Your kids will like it!
  5. Go on a nature walk with your kids.
  6. Dance in the rain.
  7. Splash in a puddle.
  8. Pray in the Spirit.
  9. Draw a picture with sidewalk chalk.
  10. Look at a flower.
  11. Listen to the wind blowing in the trees.
  12. Color with crayons.
  13. Thank Him for your blessings.
  14. Listen to the laughter of your children.
  15. Listen to some good music.
  16. Smile.
  17. Keep smiling.
  18. Yep, that’s it!  Keep on smiling!
  19. Speak truth over your kids.
  20. Give your child a big hug.
  21. Tickle your kids.  Bottle up that joy and take it with you!
  22. Quote an encouraging Bible verse you know.
  23. Engage that verse by talking to God about it.
  24. Read a story out loud to your children.
  25. Watch the birds.
  26. Lift up your hands and praise Him!
  27. Sing in the Spirit.
  28. Laugh to yourself.
  29. Laugh with your kids.
  30. Just keep on laughing!
  31. Sing along to your favorite worship songs while you make a meal or clean.
  32. Blow bubbles.
  33. Jump on a trampoline. (Have you done that in the last 15 years? It’s FUN!)

Have a graceful day, Mama.  Enjoy your God and your kids today!

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Tasha Medellin is a head-over-heels-in-love wife and not-so-perfect mother of three who loves spending time outdoors, curling up with a good book, and simply basking in the riches of God's glorious grace.

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