31 Days of Prayer and Prose


This year I’m joining up with Write 31 Days, and I’m going to do it Five Minute Friday style.  The posts will be simple, each one written in approximately five minutes.

Each day in October, I will post a scripture and a simple prayer from my heart to God’s, or perhaps a reflection from my heart to yours.

It is my prayer that during this time I will connect with Him with ease through the refreshing means of writing. I hope that as you follow along, you are refreshed, too!

I also hope that I can be consistent in posting each day. I am endeavoring to be realistic (if you know me you know this is an area that I’m growing in), and I’m pretty sure I can post {almost} every day if I stick to my plan: Write a post in five minutes flat for each day and KEEP IT SIMPLE. Here goes nothing!

Scroll down for links to each day’s posts as they go live. 🙂


Day 1: Overflow

Day 2: Secret

Day 3: Jesus

Day 4: Hope

Day 5: Refuge

Day 6: Healing

Day 7: Forevermore

Day 8: Enemies

Day 9: Building

Day 10: Guarded

Day 13: Thirsty

Day 17: Breath

Day 19: Thanks

Day 20: Spirit

Day 21: Pleasures

Day 22: Victory

Day 23: Wonderful

Day 24: Intercede

Day 25: Babble

Day 26: Receive

Day 27: One

Day 28: Bend

Day 29: Armor

Day 30: Offering

Day 31: Believe