21 Things Grace Does for You On the Hard Days

21 Things Grace Does for You On the Hard Daysfeatured


Yesterday was one of those days.  Those days when you wake up feeling like you are already SO behind schedule.  Those days when you never do catch up. Those days when there is a mess everywhere you look.  When you are tempted to think that you are not enough and you will never be able to get it right. When the ones you love are sick.  When you are so tired you think you can’t take another step.

I’m so glad that grace doesn’t take a day off when I’m having a hard one.

As you lean into His grace during the hard times, grace works for you, doing more than you could ever accomplish on your own even on the best of days.

Over the last couple of days, I have been calling to mind lots of things that grace does for me. Sometimes you need to just encourage yourself in the Lord, right?  This began as a personal encouragement to me, and I completed it as an encouragement for you.  So even on those days when you don’t quite know which way is up, you will remember to lean into the grace of God and let it work its wonders.

As you lean into His grace on the hard days, here are some things that grace does on your behalf.

1. Grace gives you hope that there are better days ahead. When you feel the enemy lying to you telling you that it will never get any better, just laugh at that!  We serve a God who laughs at His enemies, and by His grace we can laugh with Him.  It’s because he’s  so awesome that you are going to win.

2. Grace uncovers the joy in the midst of your chaos.  By grace, you can rest in knowing that Jesus (the joy factory) is on the inside of you.  Grace reminds you of the little things that make you happy!  Grace stirs up the river of living water inside of you, revealing the joy that is ready to burst out at any moment.

3. Grace keeps you from giving in to condemnation.  Mama, it’s not up to you to be perfect. Christ did it for you.  He accomplished His purpose and went to the cross as a perfect sacrifice. Now His grace allows us to enjoy His victory even on the days when we don’t look so victorious.

4. Grace carries you.  When you think you can’t take another step, rest in His grace.  Let it be enough for you that He loves you.  Stop trying so hard to be brave, and just let Him carry you for a while.

5. Grace is productive, even when you are not. On the days when you feel like you’re just treading water, know that His grace is working on your behalf.  He will accomplish His purpose for you, you better believe it!

6. Grace propels you into your destiny.  Grace is the power force that literally propels you into your destiny.  Let that sink in, and know that the best way to get to the finish line is to rest in His grace.

7. Grace saves you.  You are saved by grace through trusting in Him! Saved from everything– your sin, your bad habits, your mess, your sickness, your unbelief.  Trust in that! His grace is saving you, even on the bad days.

8. Grace allows you to rest.  Grace tells you that you don’t have to do it alone.  Grace says that Christ’s power is strong in you and for you, and you can just rest in that.  Know that He is doing it.  He’s not going to leave you stranded.

9. Grace gives you access to Him. Through Christ’s victory on the cross, we have been given total access to the throne of grace, even on the bad days.  Even when you’ve lost your temper, dropped the ball, or messed up… again.  You can come to Him for help and strength, and that is where your victory lies.

10. Grace is continually flowing over you. Like a waterfall from heaven, God’s grace is ever pouring out upon you. Receive His grace and let it work its wonders in your life today.  Receive as much as you want (yes, take even more!) because it’s never running out.

11. Grace causes you to grow.  You grow as you rest in God’s grace.  So many times, the hard days lead us to grow in ways we would not have grown otherwise.  True growth happens by trusting in Him, not in your own strength.

12. Grace lifts you up above the situation. Grace allows you to see things from His viewpoint.  Tired of seeing the mess all around you?  Let grace lift you up to see things from an aerial view.  See what He sees.

13. Grace reminds you of the good things you have to be thankful for.  It stirs up your heart to thank God for the times He has come through and to enjoy the blessings that are all around you.  Just look at those baby eyes, Mama! Let them melt your heart. Feel God’s love coursing through you in the gaze of your child.

14. Grace cleans up your messes.  When you’re trusting in God’s grace, you know that it’s not up to you to clean up that mess yourself.  (Usually, if we do it our way, the mess gets bigger!) Take a step back, rest in His love, and let Him lead.  Let grace work for you.

15. Grace speaks louder than your accusers.  God has an answer for every accuser of His children: Grace.  He has paid for everything.  Jesus finished His work on the cross, and YOU are a part of that work.  He will finish what He started in you, and in fact He sees you through “cross-eyes” as a perfect daughter that He is proud of.

16. Grace keeps you standing.  When your legs are about to give out and you cannot stand any longer, grace will hold you up!  Lean into grace and let it carry you when you have no strength of your own.  It’s in our weakness that He shows Himself strong.

17. Grace keeps sin from getting the best of you.  You will always walk in victory if you keep your eyes on His perfection, not depending on your own.  He did it perfectly and we get to walk in His victory.  When we mess up, He covers for us–and we still get to do a victory dance!  And keeping our eyes on grace will empower us to live holy.  Our holiness flows from His righteousness.

18. Grace empowers you to share love with those around you.  Even on the hard days, the ones you love the most need to feel it.  Receive the love of God even in your mess! As you lean into the love that He is pouring out toward you, you will give it away to those around you.

19. Grace lets you overlook the faults of others.  When you’re not in the best mood or having the best day, sometimes we notice the faults of others (our spouses, children, coworkers, etc) more than we normally would.  As you lean into grace, you will see people like God sees them, not through the cloudy lens of your situation.

20. Grace imparts the peace of God.  Just relax–God has it all taken care of.  In fact, He already made the provision for everything you need on the cross.  You don’t have to strive anymore.  Take a seat in the Life boat, and just let the current of the grace-river carry you.  There are smoother waters ahead.

21. Grace allows you to forgive yourself when you mess up. Let’s face it. Sometimes we don’t behave the way we should. We lose our tempers, we close doors that should be open, and we open our mouths when we should keep them shut.  When we know we have messed up royally, grace beckons us to receive forgiveness and rest in His love.  As we let His grace wash us and we receive His great love in the midst of our mess, we begin to see ourselves as He sees us–  Beautiful, clean, holy.  Just like our Dad.

When the hard days come, don’t forget that you are surrounded by His love.  It is during those times when we need to lean into His grace with everything we’ve got, receive His love wholeheartedly, and watch His grace work miracles on our behalf.

Blessings to you, graceful friend!

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