10 Ways to Spend Quality Time With God (When You Actually Do Find a Few Minutes Alone)

10 Ways to Spend Quality Time With God (When You Actually Do Find a Few Minutes Alone)featured


You may think that being close to God is something reserved for the spiritual elite. The pastors, the teachers, those who seem to have it all together.  But here’s the thing, graceful mama: God wants you.  You were created to know Him intimately.  You were created to be His friend.

You CAN be close to God. In fact, I would like to propose the idea that you already are closer to God than you realize.  Not because you always do everything right (I know I don’t), but because Christ paid the ultimate price so that you two would never have to be apart.

God has united you with Christ Jesus. For our benefit God made him to be wisdom itself. Christ made us right with God; he made us pure and holy, and he freed us from sin. – 1 Corinthians 1:30 NLT

I dare you… Bear with me for a moment, and perhaps allow me to challenge your thinking. You are united with Christ Jesus.  You are in Him. Can you get closer than that?  No.  You don’t have to push your way into His presence. Sister, you are already there.

When you begin to really accept the truth that you already are close to Him, you adopt a mindset that allows you to come to Him without guilt.  You will no longer feel guilty for the lack of time you “spend” with Him in prayer, worship, or study.  You will realize that every moment is a moment spent with Him, and the special time you do get to be alone with Him will be sweet. It will not be tainted with a false sense of guilt for what you haven’t done lately. You won’t have to waste any time pushing through to get into His presence. You will come to Him, knowing you are already there, and enter into encounter without a struggle. You will come to Him from a place of rest and receive the special gifts He has for you in that moment.

Now that our false guilt is out of the way, let me stir up your sense of adventure. You are right in the center of His heart, and it is an infinite center!  His heart is just full of mysteries waiting to be uncovered!  You can spend all eternity getting to know Him more, and there will always be new and exciting things to discover.  The more you open your heart to Him, the more you will discover about His love for you. And in turn, you will discover more about your own purpose.

If getting to know God doesn’t sound that exciting to you, well, you’ve never really tasted His presence! You can have Him, and He is worth having. He is worth knowing! And He is not just waiting to tell you all the things you’ve done wrong.  He’s not waiting on you to clean yourself up and change your ways.

On the contrary, you have already been made clean by His perfect sacrifice on the cross.  Just come to Him, and as you open your heart to Father God daily and get to know Him, you will discover more and more who you truly are.  You will begin to look like Daddy.

If you’ve never read my post on ways to spend time with God when you’re surrounded by children, you can find it here. Get that truth into your heart and NEVER let it go. Mama, you are surrounded by His love and perfect in His sight because of Christ!  He is with you always, and every moment is a moment spent with Him.

That being said first, I would also encourage you to find time alone with God when you can. I like to do it in the morning if possible, but it doesn’t always happen.  Just like it’s important to spend quality time alone with your spouse if you want to have a thriving marriage, it’s also important to spend alone time with God.

Whether you only have a five minute window of time or you are able to get up before the kids do and enjoy a longer time alone with Him, I have listed a few suggestions and ideas below.  Hanging out with Jesus should be fun.  Enjoy His presence and be yourself.Questions

If you are new at this whole “spending time with God” thing, and these ideas will give you a place to start. Just pick one and go with it!  If you are already in the habit of spending time alone with God, maybe you’ll get some fresh inspiration and new ideas from my list.  To go somewhere you’ve never been before, you sometimes have to do something you’ve never done before.

You may want to turn on a good worship song as you begin. There’s something about music that awakens us to the spirit realm. In other words, we become more aware of His presence when we’re listening to good worship music. (If you need a song suggestion, here’s a good one!)

Here are a few ways that you can spend time with God (and encounter Him!) when you find some alone time.10 ways to spend quality time with God for pinterest

  1. Simply quiet your soul and read the Bible.  Soak it in. Drink it up.  It’s living water, and in His presence it becomes new wine.
  2. Lift your hands in worship to the Lord. Enjoy his presence all around you!
  3. Sing a new song to the Lord, making up the words as you go.  Be spontaneous!
  4. Try out a new way of praising Him.  There are so many ways! (Read more about different ways to praise here.)
  5. Tell God thank you for all the good things! You’ll often find that as you do this, you will see your life in a whole new light!
  6. Pray/sing in the Spirit.  Praying in the Spirit will bring refreshing to your soul, fill you with God’s love, and set you up for victory! (Curious? You can find my six-part series on “5 Reasons I Pray in the Spirit” here.)
  7. Go on a journey with Jesus in your imagination.  Close your eyes and imagine Jesus there with you. He takes your hand and leads you.  Where do you go?  What do you see?  What does He say?  (This one is really fun, and it gets easier with practice.)
  8. Read over the pages in your truth book. It is so encouraging! (Don’t have one? Come back for tomorrow’s post where I’ll show you how to make your own!)
  9. Something troubling you? Talk to God about specific needs that have you worried. Write down what you’ve prayed for and give it to Him. Now it’s not yours to carry! If you start to feel worried again, pull out your paper to remind yourself that God is taking care of that need.
  10. What day of the month is it? Read the chapter of Proverbs that corresponds to that day.  (There are 31 days in the longest month, and there are 31 chapters of Proverbs.  A perfect fit!) What verse stood out to you the most? Turn that verse into a prayer or a song. (For example, today is September 1st. I like Proverbs 1:33 (NLT) which says, “But all who listen to me [wisdom] will live in peace, untroubled by fear of harm.”  I would pray something like this: “God, may I always listen to your wisdom.  I thank you God that I do listen to wisdom, so I will live in peace. I will be untroubled by fear of harm.  I thank you that _____________ (insert name of friend, child, spouse, or whoever you might want to pray for) listens to wisdom, so he/she will live in peace. He/she will be untroubled by fear of harm!”

What’s your favorite way to spend time with God when you can get alone with Him? Or is this new to you? What do you want to see God do in your life as you spend time with Him? I’d love to hear all about it.

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